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VBR 6.6.2 Has Duplicate File System Objects in the Unassigned Objects On View Builder

The Unassinged Objects on View builder shows there are duplicate/additional file system objects " Other ", although the objects in the views initially have their own file system objects. 

-Does anyone know why VBR creates additional file system objects in the Unassiged objects?   How do we fix or remove the additional file system objects WITHOUT restore VBR database or delete them?( delete them will only put them in the Recyle Bin and once they are in the Recycle Bin, we don't know which file system belongs to which objects and since we do not want to purge data in the Bin).

Help is much appreaciated.


2 Replies

Have you tried to run the

Have you tried to run the "place unassinged file systems " in the View Build menu > Tools.

Will the "place unassinged file systems " replace existing file

Will the "place unassinged file systems " replacing the existing file system that already existed on the objects? or will the objects have multiple file system?