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VBR Agent for BackupExec

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Has anyone gotten the VBR Agnet working on a BackupExec system?

Agent is installed correctly and is communicating (heartbeat) with the VBR Master.

But none of the modules seem to collect or transfer any data at all.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Beuler?

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I've JUST started to get this working, but what a mission. My idea of install-and-walk-away was grossly mistaken.
I've made sure that the client server points correctly to the main VBR server, and upgraded VBR to the latest version ( This is the version that supports Backup Exec 12.5. Prior to that, I could see the server, but not pull anything.
I then went into the following section in VBR:

Settings --> Global Settings --> Agent Configuration --> clicked the specific server.

Once in there, I created a new module, and chose: Symantec Backup Exec (9.0x, 10.0, 10d, 11d, 12.0)-Windows, double-checked the module name was the main VBF server, and saved. I also restarted my agent for good measure.

Now to work out how these reports work...!!!

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Oddly enough, the first report you should create is a one that monitors your agents. =) Makes a nice tutorial too....

Something along the lines of : 

Reports --> Custom --> Custom Report

Category = agent status
Report type = tabular

Duration Display Unit = Minutes
Table rows per page = All

Columns : 
Agent Host (ascending sort order)
Last Heartbeat
Time since last agent heartbeat

Once that comes up, if you like the way it looks, hit "Save As" and save it somewhere.

Since you'll probably want this sent to you daily....

Click the "Settings" tab, then the "Schedules" link. You'll be automatically put into the User Settings window.

Click on the 'Create' link and create yourself a schedule. This can be reused for multiple reports if desired. I'd recommend some kind of naming convention for them so you can tell at a glance when they'll run. i.e. Daily_0700 , Wednesday_1700, etc.

Once you've got a schedule, go back to User Settings.

Click on "Email/Export Reports", then 'Create'. Give your report a name (Daily agent report), select the schedule you want it to run on from the drop box, then select your agent report from the list. Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory in this window, although I will make two more recommendations : 
1) Standardize your VBR email subject lines, so you (and customers) can filter the reports without having to constantly redo your email rules.
2) For reports going to end-users, put some kind of standard "contact this group/number with questions" message into the "Message" box at the bottom. This will get put at the top of the email sent to them and will cut down on them blindly replying to the report's origination address (which is probably unmonitored or designed to bounce email).

Good luck, and welcome to the wonderful world of reporting. =)