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VBR Management Server installation on an NBU Master Server?

Good idea or bad?  I've been reading what documentation I can find and I read it's ok for the VBR Agent to be installed on the NBU Master/Media. I haven't read anything that says whether or not the Management Server can be installed on the same server as an NBU Master/Media. Anyone have any advice?  

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Much to my surprise I wasn't

Much to my surprise I wasn't able to find anything saying you couldn't - yet I can't imagine why you'd want to. =) 

The VBR server has about the same server load as a Master does, possibly more. It has both web server components as well as a back-end database. You really really don't want to put it onto the same server with NetBackup's EMM+catalog load.

If you're going to be expiring all data regularly from VBR (which would keep the size down), as well as having a smallish Master on the same box, from a capacity standpoint you could probably get away with it. If you're not expiring stuff from VBR frequently enough though, it will probably run you out of space on that server anyway and cause all your backups to fail.

Just because the VBR agent requires a NetBackup console or better install doesn't mean you want to really use it as a Master. Save yourself the headaches and separate the two installs.

- John


Not recommended but might work

 You are talking about 3 heavy users here: VBR's master DB, NBU's main catalog and daemons, and probably the EMM DB, all running on the same machine.  If you have a 64-bit OS, a bunch of disks to spread the load out, and a bunch of memory (think 12 GB minimum), it may work.  It's hard to draw the line on how bad performance is unless your data collections or backup jobs are timing out.  But a slow VBR is very painful to use.

That said, I've also never seen or heard of it being done.  Yes the doc says you can put the agent on the Master but why do this?   Put the VBR Master and Agent on a separate machine and gather it all via remote agent.  I've done every install this way and it works very well.  If you are constrained on severs put VBR into a VM with at least 4 GB.

I hope that helps.

VBR on Master, Why Not! ;-P

We have VBR installed on our Solaris 10 NetBackup 6.5.4 Master Server and everything works great! On Windows I am unsure of the resources required. 

As long as you make the Web service have an increased stack size, it works just fine.

Having 8GB of RAM helps in our setup, and really you tend to use it to setup your daily/weekly/monthly and yearly reports and email routines and then check to see if it is up daily. No reason to use it every day if you setup good exception reports.

However, if you plan to advertise the web service to a bunch of non-technical people, such as management, customer, you might want to place it on another server for reasons of security.


Would not recomment it

I cannot locate the docs or passage that says it, but there was a Symantec document that stated the VBR server could not be installed on the NBU master or media servers.  This was not easily found, as it is not staed in the install documentation nor in any of the places you would expect it. 

Pages 45 & 46 of the Veritas Backup Reporter 6.6 Guide provide examples of where to install the VBR Management Server; none of them mention installing it on the NBU master.  Granted, it mey be possible, but I don't believe you'd want to run data collection on the same server.

Page 38 states that you can't install VBR management server & NOM together on the same server.

We installed it on a Windows VM and it runs just fine. 



Thanks Ron, just kill my buzz why don't you LOL

When I say its installed on the same server, it is physically, but logically it is in a separate Solaris 10 Zone. That way they are two separate servers only sharing resources.

So technically we did what you guys did, but only not with Windows and all that licensing hassle!!  

Hope this helps.

Great Information!

This was very helpful.  I'm running NBU, and I have a media server that I use as a backup, if another media server goes down.  It's also running NOM.  I wanted to run VBR on this box, but see that it is unwise per your post.  I'll put this on another box that isn't running a Master Server, Media Server, or NOM.