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Veritas OpsCenter Analytics to generate a report on mail recipients of each report.

Level 1

I have been looking for a report to do the following for over a year.

Veritas OpsCenter Analytics to generate a report on mail recipients of each report.

Generate a report that lists all reports.

Generate a report that lists servers that are reported on by each report.

For example:

Report A

      Views/Servers included in Report A

              Server A

              Server B

      Mail recipients of Report A

               John Doe

               Priyanka Chopra

               Chuck Norris

Report B

      Views/Servers included in Report B

               Server Finance 1

      Mail recipients of Report B



These all seem like they should have been included with the very first release of your software.

If my boss tells me John Doe has been moved from the finance team to the student information team, please make sure he is getting the correct reports.

I have to manually open about 100 reports and go three pages deep to see if he is being mailed the report. Then I can remove or add him as neccessary. This has taken me hours if not almost all day on more than one occassion. Or I will get a call a week later asking why he is not getting a report.

How can this capability not be part of your software? The very first version. On more than one occassion I have cursed your software outloud in my office. I am told we pay a lot of money for this software. I often wonder why. About a year ago I started an excel spreadsheet to keep track of this information, but who has the time to do this.

Please, Please add these very simple reports as canned reports. My SQL skills are very limited.

Thank you for your attension to this request.

Keith Krempel

Network Specialist

Broome Tioga BOCES



Level 5

I'm not sure how granular you've created your reports to be but a suggestion could be mail enabled distribution groups. If you've created very broad reports then this obviously wouldn't be viable for you.