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What reports do you use?

Level 3

Hello, I'm gathering info on the use of OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics.

It's fairly obvious that this product has not had much love over the last few years and we were going to replace it with an internal project called Plutus. Obviously, that has changed with us buying Aptare.

I don't have a detailed roadmap as of yet, but to make sure you get continuity of product functionality, I need to know hich standard, or slightly modified, reports do you use?

Standard, as in the canned reports

Slightly Modified, being that you took a canne dreport and made some minor changes, like added columns, or changed the graphic.

Tanks and regards

Siobhan Ellis
Principal Product Manager
Service Provider Product Strategy, NSS & NetBackup Reporting

Level 4

i need this for the audit

Client (where file came from)

Operator (user who signed in and initiated restore)

Filename / Directoryname restored

Size of restore job / number of files

Date / Time

Location restored to (server / directory)

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This forum is hardly ever visited by NetBackup 'regulars'. 

Maybe good idea to post in the NetBackup forum as well?