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Daily tape usage reporting for Tapes using Opscenter

I am working on setting up capacity reporting for the backup tapes. Could you help suggesting if it is possible to get some report from the Netbackup ops center on ‘daily backup volume to tape?Data would be required to monitor daily/monthly increment...

Custom Reports - How to save a function/procedure

Hello everyone, I've been working with the scripts on the following page: on that, right near the top of the post, I'm trying to understand how to "save" the functio...

Opscenter Alert policy showing Job details.

Hi all.I have created an alert from OpsCenter which simply sends an alert everytime a particular job policy fails. What i would like, is to somehow alert to send a little bit more details then just the random information such as Nodes, Job Policy, Ex...

Ops Center 7.7 Filter on ApplicationBackups

Hi,I am trying to generate a report that picks out all the backups for particular clients and simply details the policy name, schedule, start time, end time and completion status. I managed to get the report done and it works quite nicely with one ex...

OpsCenter report for missed jobs

I'm trying to get a report set on OpsCenter which would give me the list of jobs which did not run during their assigned backup window i.e. backups which were missed. Currently we are doing this with a script run via cron job which looks for jobs whi...

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Opscenter query to list SLPs

Hello Every one,Can some one help with following queries ?1. generate all active SLPs in a domain2. Generate policies per its corresponding SLPs. for example, one column will have list of policies & the other column will contains its corresponding sl...

Dollypee by Moderator
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Resolved! Opscenter query to list configured reports

Hello Team,Can anyone help me with opscenter query to list all configured reports. I need to run some clean-up with configured reports. Thanks for help.

Pinku by Level 5
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Ops Center chargeback rate parameter value

Hello experts I hope you are fineI am trying to create a chargeback report but I do not understand what is the rate used for? Anyone can help me to undesrtand?Kindest regards

josemlvega by Level 3
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Ops Center SQL Reports - Policies

I have been able to use a report and get some very useful information. That being said I am not a SQL guy, but would like to know if someone could help me. I am trying to create a report for Disaster Recovery using the SQL Script I copied from this s...

Ops Centre Analytics - SQL query for appliance details

Hi,Ops Center Analytics has a view of Appliance Hardware which lists all our appliances. I'd like to get a sql report that shows detail contained within those tables. In particular, I'd like to see the Capacity of the RAID groups for each appliance.A...

sid_b by Level 2
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SLP images reporting using OPScenter

I am currently working on a report to show Client Images when they were backed up, when they expire, the name of the image, and the SLP Job they were part of, . So far I have te following shown below...SELECT DISTINCT AS "Image ID" ,...

PDragon by Level 4
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Opscenter custom or comments field?

We need to generate chargeback reports back to business for the amount of data we back up per client. That report consists of "Client name", "Data backed up for the month" and "Cost center". We get the first two columns from Opscenter but the third c...

kaks768 by Level 2
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HTML report, align JOB ID to left

This is probably a simple question but I haven't been able to find how to do that for about a day now :(I have a report from OpsCenter which sends an HTML table list of certain jobs daily. The JOB ID (all digits), is aligned to the right and I want i...

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Sync clients between NetBackup and OpsCenter

Hello Veritas community.I have a question, how much time need OpsCenter to sync clients from NetBackup. I told about time in which client will apear in xml (view_exportimport.bat) as CLIENT. I need it to add client to view. And it is possible to do t...

gvart by Level 3
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Opscenter Analytics could not Export Report

We have recently upgraded our Netbackup from to 7.7.2. We setup a new Opscenter with version 7.7.2. Everything looks ok..Two days ago I found that we are not able to export any report. I click on to the Export Report option, the Export Report...

Need the source of Opscenter 7.7.3 on Windows server 2012

Hello.I built a new server for installing opscenter but I am not able to a copy of the source and the installaton guide.Can someone please let me know where I can download a copy of opscenter 7.7.3 for Windows server 2012 and also installation guide ...

sql custom report input file?

I have this query and two questions FIRST i would like to add the status code for the backup SECOND is it possible to use a input file for the CLIENTNAME in the next to last line?           The reason for the input file is so users with only reporter...

kilcran by Level 3
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