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Creating an SQL report using Schedule name not in (0,-1,2)

Hello, I,m  trying to use this query : SELECT DISTINCT A.clientName as 'Client Name', A.policyName as 'Policy Name', A.scheduleName as 'Schedule name', LIST( DISTINCT A.statuscode) as 'Status Code',             (       select DATEDIFF(DAY,UtcB...

Resolved! Hourly Disk Pool Report?

I thought that this would be easy... but alas, it appears not as easy as I was hoping. I'm trying to generate an hourly disk pool report for a re-sizing analysis.  I would like to know hourly how my advanced disk pools are affected by our "regular" ...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Resolved! Only send OpsCenter reports if there are backup failures.

Hi , Is it possible to send reports of backup failures only if there are failures. Currently we send out a daily report which will contain any failed overnight backups. Management have requested we dont send a report unless there are failed backups....

Resolved! Showing the "Last Job" end TIme for a media server

I have a SQL script that is recreating the Master Server Throughput report with Media Servers in place of the Master server. I am stuck on trying to figure out how to show the "Last Job" time. I know I can get each jobs end time via domain.Job or dom...

plsaits by Level 3
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How OpsCenter combines reports

I am trying to figure out how OpsCenter combines reports such as Master Server Throughput and Total Jobs of a Server. I need to make the Media Server Throughput report have the same colunms as the Master Server Throughput report. I am running versio...

plsaits by Level 3
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SQL query - takes long time - help with optimization

Hi, I have a problem with SQL query. I am not very familiar with SQL and this is probably the reason. The SQL looks: select (a.Id) as "Image", UTCBigIntToNomTime(a.writeEndTime) as "WriteEndTime", (select UTCBigIntToNomTime(c.copyDate) ...

mrmadej by Level 4
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Resolved! Total data being backed up

I know this seems simple but I am looking for a SQL query (I'm not a query wizard) but I am trying to get the total data backed up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for the master server and each media server My customer is saying that the data ...

plsaits by Level 3
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Opscenter query report

Due to high volume of workload on my end, am not able to sit down &  put this together hence need an urgent help with following in a tabular form-   I've created  different opscenter VIEWS, I would like to have following report for in thier respect...

Dollypee by Moderator
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Custom SQL Report to show which files / folders were restored?

Hi, We have a daily backup report but we'd also like to have a daily restore report showing which files and folders were restored in the previous 24 hours and ideally also showing who carried out the restore. Does anyone know if this is possible wi...

BirtyB by Level 4
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creating reports to list top 7 failed jobs

In the main Monitor overview page for OpsCenter there is a report showing the top 7 policiesby failed jobs, I would like to be able to create a similar report but can not find a canned report I can modify to do that. We have the full version with Ana...

Jeff_Tank by Not applicable
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OPS - Very large DB

Hi to All, I wanted to ask You a question. In our backup infrastructure, we Installed on a Windows server 2008r2 the OPS center (NBU on Solaris 10). The ops db grew to approximately 100GB: symcOpscache.db 59756536 KB symcopsscrat...

Valerio by Level 2
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Including Last Successful Backup in SQL code

Hi again, I'm working with the version of OpsCenter Version Now I am trying to create a report including , Policy name, cliente name ,Jobstate,status attemps,start and end time; I am working with this code: SELECT domain_Job.Policyname...

When generating a report I can not see clients updated

Hi, I'm working with the version of OpsCenter Version I have created a new view with the latest updates for disabled clients.Although in my created reports I have selected this same view, when generating a report I can not see  these clien...

OpsCenter SQL query problem

Hi   I have a SQL query im using to generate a report showing last succesful back up after a failure on all clients, looking at data from the last 7 days. The report is perfect except I want it to not include entries where the last succesfull back...

Clients not backed up in 7 days report

Hello Im currently using the 'clients not backed up' template set to look at 7 days but it is reporting on deactivated as well as active policies so the report is huge and not suitable for what I need it for. Does anyone have an idea or solution to...

OpsCenter Custom SQL Reports

Good morning all,   I have been struggling putting together a simple custom SQL report that will provide the following pieces of data per server being backed up.  I would like to be able to just have a standard form that I can just drop my server l...