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Resolved! Help with Opscenter backup size report

Hello All, Opscenter version : Analytic/version 7.7 I'm tasked to set up an opscenter report to generate backup sizes per application names. I have created a view  as each of the APP names & add each corresponding clients to there respective views....

Dollypee by Moderator
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Resolved! OpsCenter Java Logging to 'systemprofile'

We have a dedicated OpsCenter server running, version on Windows 2008 R2. There are a number of Java log files in C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile, currently 11 of them: java0.log, java1.log through to java11.log ... most of these f...

RBC_JB by Level 2
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Resolved! Storage used per client

Hello, My customer wish to figure how much storage is used per client on NetBackup. I guess that it is feasible via OpsCenter but I don't know how.   Can someone help me ?    

ElGringo by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup advance success rate report

Hi All, I have a one query regarding Netbackup Advanced success rate report which we take from Opscenter. Does this success rate report includes Duplication/replication jobs in addition to backup jobs? or it only includes backup jobs?

Resolved! Netbackup OPS center reporting for EMC Networker

Can we use Netbackup 7.7 OPS center for reporting of EMC Networker I have not found any procedure in Netbackup OPS center 7.7 administrator guide how I can configure ops center with Networker Do i required to install netbackup client on Net...

Resolved! How to Fecth the client info

  Hi, Does anyone can share the SQl query to get the client info such as below: - Master server - Host (client name) - Operating system - OS type - Host type - Version - Status   i followed this link but when i ran the query, it will stuck...

Aris56 by Level 4
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Resolved! Job failure Automated ticket system integration

Good Morning,   I am looking at a way to start having tickets opened for job failures.  In doing this i am looking at the incomplete job, and job finalized alerts that could be setup.   My concern is that tickets would still be opened for a job t...

Resolved! Netbackup Opscenter 7.6.1 migrating to Windows 2012

We are upgrading our OS....Currently i have Opscenter 7.5 installed on WIndows 2003 SP2 and is working fine. I installed Opscenter 7.6.1 on Windows 2012 VM environment.  The installation was successful and I launched OpsCenter without error before re...

Ms5040 by Level 3
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Resolved! OpsCenter Custom SQL Query (Help Needed)

I need help writing a query that I assume needs a join or inner join that I cannot figure out, and my SQL knowledge is to be desired. So here is what I am trying to do...First the tables and columns. Tables and Columns that have the data I need. ...

PDragon by Level 4
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Resolved! OPSCENTER 7.7 account needed for Master Server

I need do deploy OPSCenter in a secure environnment: - paswword expires after 1 month, - each account allowed to logon must be associated with somebody. I've tried do used an account with LOGON_DENY Attribute, but bpjava refuses connection. is it...

f_buirey by Level 3
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Resolved! Where does opscenter + oracle clone get its information from?

If I go into the restore/clone oracle database section of Opscenter I can list instances to clone. This is ver 7601 on Linux. Master is same on Solaris. This list seems to reflect a subset of databases I've backed up. Typically I use OIP in all my e...

Resolved! SLP images reporting using OPScenter

Hi All,   Is there a way we can get time elapsed for replication of backup images for particular clients using opscenter analytics or any other way ? replication through SLP to different master server.

Opscenter Tape drive utilization report version

Hello Good Day! I am looking for a fix for the issue associated with runing opscenter template report "Tape Drive Utilization" . when i'm runing the report, getting no error but in the report out put showing no result. Utilization from SUN to MON fo...

Resolved! OpsCenter SQL query Help

Hi, Need a little bit of help, need to create a custome report for our DBA team they have a list of policies and want to know when they ran last, is there a query where i can put the list of policies and run a success / failure report to provide the...

mj100 by Level 3
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ops center Version unable to delete alerts

Hi, I am having some issues with ops center, i am doing some alert testing with ops centre Version and  i have even created a problem on a server so that the ops centre will send an alert (aswell  i have purposely not fixed the problem on th...

OpsCenter 7.6 not connecting to Master Server

Hi All,   I've upgraded OpsCenter from 7.1 to 7.6 and I am unable to connect to the Netbackup Master server. Both Netbackup and OpsCenter are on the same server. First Issue I had was port 3652 was in use by nbdisco and OpsCenter wants to use it f...

npolite by Level 5
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How do I get User Input for a manual SQL Query

I currently am on Version (Build 20141024) of OpsCenter and I have a query that gives a list of failed backups. I need to give the user date range functionality but imbedding that code within the Query itself is yeilding only error messages :...

Resolved! Need to bulk load and create new OpsCenter user accounts

We have approximately 400 new users which will be added to our OpsCenter instance, they will all be created with the same views and permissions. Is there an approved method to bulk create these?  Has anyone already done something like this? ...

OpsCenter Restore Error 92

I am running OpsCenter on a Windows server.  My environments is all Windows servers with NetBackup Media and master servers. I am trying to do a restore using the OpsCenter Search feature, but everytime I initialize a restore it fail...

jmjudge by Level 3
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