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Opscenter SQL query to get Netbackup exclude list

Hi All, Can you please help me to get Netbackup exclude list from Symantec Opscenter . Tables required are mentioned below. Master server name Client name client version exclude list. Awaiting your help on this, Thank you!!    

Help with custom OpsCenter script

All,   Perhaps someone can assist.  We are using OpsCenter 7.6  I am looking for a report that shows the amount of data, number of jobs, number of clients, storage unit used, master server name, schedule name, policy type PER policy name.   Here is...

Netbackup ops center Missed backups

Hi Team, With the current Netbackup Ops center , Missed backup report is included with all scheudles. There is no way to apply filter on the schedules. Is there any way we can generate missed backup report for Only weekly , or Daily schedules base...

Babu_Kali by Not applicable
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Resolved! Tabular Custom Report OpsCenter from Image Information

Hi Everyone! We are using Netbackup and OpsCenter 7.7. We are working with custom report but we are having problems to create report. We need a report like BPIMAGELIST but using VIEWS, because there are many groups of clients that we need c...

LeonardoT by Level 3
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Resolved! OpsCenter Daily Failure Report

I have the following report but it seems to only display the first 50 lines.  I cant seem to find a reason as to why it would do that.  I have also tryed changing from a select distict to select 500 starting at 1, but that did not make a difference. ...

nbritton by Level 4
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OPS server on windows 2008 \7.6.2

Hi, OPS server on windows 2008 update from 7.6.1 to 7.6.2 failed, please advice   Regards, Itai   SQLANY64 16.0 event id 1: The description for Event ID 1 from source SQLANY64 16.0 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event i...

Itai by Level 4
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Resolved! Upgrading OpsCenter Analytics and NetBackup 7.7

Hi, I was going to upgrade NetBackup 7.6.0.x to 7.7. I downloaded all the install packages. Sort tells me to start with upgrading OpsCenter. My current OpsCenter is installed on Solaris 10, which doesn't look like it's supported - Not listed in the ...

AZ_Dave by Level 3
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Manage NetBackup Appliance through OpsCenter link not working

I was wondering if anyone has seen where in OpsCenter under the "Appliance Hardware" section when you click on the "Manage" and appliance link it does not open correctly... it appears to be attempting to open the appliance console as "http://<applian...

JessieP by Level 3
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Custom OpsCenter SQL Queries needed.

Hi everyone, We are using Netbackup and OpsCenter Analytics In NBU Admin Console, under Reports there are 2 reports that I would like to customize if the underlying data is available in the OpsCenter DB and I can get the SQL Queri...

S_R by Level 3
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oracle job duration is not correct

hi friends i use netbackup 7.5 and opscenter for reporting. type of some of policies are oracle database. and they have several channels to do the backup. when i use job duration report for the policy it sum measure of all channels. for example i k...

kms11 by Level 3
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OpsCenter unable to export report.

Hi Team, We have OpsCenter hosted on win 2008 R2 Enterprise. When I try to export report to CSV format only the first page is getting exported and not all. Is this known issue or is there a solution for this.   Kindly advice, Bshet

BVshet by Level 5
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Resolved! OpsCenter 7.7 is it working on NBU ?

Hi All; I hear Symantec released new Symantec OpsCenter 7.7. I like to upgrade from my current to 7.7. My question , OpsCenter 7.7 is it working on NBU ? Or should I wait until I upgrade my nbu system to ? Thnak you.

T_N by Level 6
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OpsCenter Report based on Retention Level

Hi, So I got this 5 pictures.Basicaly I want to create a report with no time bassis on retention level. I want it to show me  Client Name, Policy name,  Job protected size, Retention Level, Retention Period of the jobs only wiht a retention of >45 ...

Resolved! OpsCenter reports unknown exception

Running custom report this morning and got 'an unknown exception has occurred'.  Was working fine last week. The standard Tabular Backup Report template produces the same error.  Tried some other templates and they work OK.  

Resolved! Backup Logs for last 3months for a server

We are going through an Audit and I need to show the backup logs for 3 servers i backup with Netbackup for the last 3 months . Any idea how i can do this from ops center . cannot see any out of the box reports in there . I am using Ops center

yobole by Level 6
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