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Web Services API for OpsCenter

Hi I've been searchign around for information on a web services API into OpsCenter, but so far have drawn a blank. Is there a web services API that can be used to integrate into other applications? If so can you point towards further information. T...

nhavard by Level 2
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Resolved! Server DB logs

On one of my customers opscenter servers we are having disk issues, the disk is running full because of log files. I checked which ones and it seems to be the ones lcoated in D:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\db\log, this folder is over 36GB...

maurijo by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Multiple OpsCenter for one master

At this time I only need a simple yes or no answer.  I'll worry about the details later if we go down this road.  We provide backup services to a wide array of external companies.  We have a site with one of our owned NBU masters, and the customer wa...

Customising the Policy Summary Dashboard

Is there any way to properly customise the Policy Summary Dashboard or to recreate it from a custom report? We're using VMware, so snapshots are being included as jobs and skewing all the numbers. I know you can exclude them in custom reports, but t...

danga by Level 2
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OpsCenter View Builder Compatibility with 2008

The Compatibility Technote and SORT states: View Builder shows "YES" in the colmuns for usage on 2008 and 2008R2  (32 or 64 bit) However, there is a note (2)  which says  "2. NetBackup 7.6 and later does not support this feature on this platform." ...

Query OPSCenter

  Good night, I wonder if anyone can help me, I'm trying to create a query in OpsCenter so he can show me only the backups that have failed ... Does anyone have a query these to pass me? Thank you   Vitor

Tables OPSCenter

Good afternoon, I tentnado make a sql report and would like to know the table name that is registered backup jobs that have failed, does anyone know?   Tanks !

OpsCenter SQL query to find "Front End TB"

Hi Have a client that uses NetBackup in a Backup-as-aService solution and they want to have SQL query report finding Front End TB correlation gto different customers. They are using keywords on policies and want to have the queries based on that. H...

MatsHolm by Level 4
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Resolved! OpsCenter Audit Trails user info

For our PCI compliance, we need to be able to monitor who makes changes within our NetBackup environment. Using the Audit trails tells me everything I need to know except which user made the change. All I ever see is that Administrator made a change ...

Opscenter consecutive failures

How do I run a consecutive backup window failure report in Opscenter or do you have a script I can run to get a consecutive backup failure report.

Resolved! opscenter report locations

question: one of our colleague had setup the opscenter reports under his account, we are not getting any reports after we deteleted his account from opscenter. is there way to reterive these reports? do they exist in certain folder/directory on opsce...

new installation fails RHEL6 OpsCenter

/lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory   Trying to install OpsCenter v7.6 on RHEL6 and it seems to want 32bit library though the machine is totally 64bit.  Any workaround for this?  Owner does not want to install 32bit p...

OpsCenter - Email Alert Customization

Hi guys, is there anyway to customize the Email alert format generetd by OpsCentre Analaytics? The default format gives usless info such as the JobID. I'd like the target of the operation or the policy in the subject line.

shocko by Level 4
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OpsCenter Missing Data after Master Migration

We recently migrated our master server to new hardware (i.e., keeping the existing database and server name), but within OpsCenter, if I try to locate any data past the migration point, I don't get any data.  Is there any way to retrieve the older da...

AlanTLR by Level 5
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Resolved! OpsCenter Database cannot be started -- Access is denied

after linux patch one of our OpsCenter servers is not operational # ./OpsCenterServer start SQL Anywhere Start Server In Background Utility Version DBSPAWN ERROR:  -105 Database cannot be started -- Access is denied Unable to s...

Issue in accessing Opscenter through url

Hi , I am having an issue while accessing Opscenter through URL as i am getting error message like : Page cannot be displayed. Current Opscenter version: It is accessible with server on which it is installed i.e. Windows server but not fro...