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SQL query and multistream job

Hello everyone I try to create a SQL query that shows clientname, policyname, schedulename, bytesWritten, filesBackedUp. But since almost all jobs running as multistream backup jobs and I make a WHERE id = parentjobid, the schdulename only apper...

Netbackup OpsCenter how to share custom monitor filters

Hi All We have netbackup installed and I am setup as an administrator. I am trying to create custom filters on the monitor tab for Jobs and Media. If I create a filter it can be seen by other administrators but not users at operator level wh...

Tonkers22 by Not applicable
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OpsCenter Report for backup

Hi Folks,   Which is the acurate OpsCenter report that display all parameters in the Netbackup activity monitor. I have OpsCenter analytics and using Report-->Backup Reports-->Job browser reports-->Tubular report for generating the weekly report. Bu...

OpsCenter WebServer Service Not Starting

I've been tasked to install OpsCenter onto a VM. The install completed successfully, but when I try to connect to the applicaiton I'm unable to. I've checked the services, and everything except the OpsCenter WebServer Service is running. OpsCenter is...

mghall by Not applicable
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Need to get OpsCenter report to a website location

Management would like to be able to have our website contain a link that takes visitors to the daily success report for our backups. We already create the report daily and e-mail it to a large distribution list.   We also save it to the OpsCenter se...

kevtrout by Not applicable
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Opscenter Query

Hi Techiz,   I want to have a query report which gives me information on Jobid Clientname FileList(Selection List) Policyname Schedulename Statuscode Exitstatus Size Starttime Endtime   SELECT nb_JobFilesArchive.jobId as 'Job id', domain_JobArc...

Sid1987 by Level 6
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Catalog disabled alert coming without master server name

I am using OpsCenter which is producing a frequent alert without the Master server name in it. I have about 100 masters and I have broken it into 4 groups, creating an alert for each group to help narrow this down. I am still getting the aler...

Lost access to Media server - increase timeout?

Can the parameter for this communication be increased to allow more time?     I am using Opscenter on Windows 2008. NBU Master/Media Servers are mostly HPUX, and some others are Windows.

data size or backup size of a SQL policy in opscenter

Hi experts, symantec opscenter analytics. Version Q1) i need to customize a report which displays data size or backup size  of a SQL policy only full backup schedule.  please suggest how to configure it. Q2) i need to customize a report w...

rookie11 by Moderator
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OPS Center page display issue

Good evening,   I recently went from OPS Center 7.5 to and I can no longer login with IE version 10.  I can login with IE version 9, Firefox, and Chrome.  I get a This page cannot be displayed error, Make sure TLS and SSL Protocols are enab...

mrtba by Level 4
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Turn off RESTORE logging in OpsCenter - how to?

Hi I wish to turn off logging of restores in OpsCenter is there a method to do this?   Currently it appears that all reporting of restores of individual files is visible to the public.  This information I would prefer not to be public for security ...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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SQL Query fuer einen Termin

Hi,   ich bräuchte ein SQL Query was mich einmal im Monat daran errinert das ich am ersten des Monats eine Auslagerung der Tapes mache.   Viele Grüße

JaWie by Level 2
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Resolved! Opscenter monthly report based on specific error code

Hi experts, Q1) symantec opscenter analytics. Version i need to customize a report which displays all specific error codes (like 129) which came during a month or a specific time period. please suggest how to configure it. Q2) i need to cu...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! OpsCenter Known issues.

Hi All,   We are planning to upgrade our existing Symantec opscenter server from to can any one provide me with links to any known issues.   Mant Thanks, Bshet.

BVshet by Level 5
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OpsCenter upgrade issues.

We recently upgraded our Opscenter server running windows 2008 server to version After the upgrade it connected to all the master servers in our environment properly and was showing all the expected data. The next day it lost connectivity to...

Resolved! OPS - create custom report by part of policy name

Hello everyone.  I need to create a custom report that will give me information about the policies, using as search filter a part of the policy name.  the problem is that if I insert the filter "policy => policy name => Conteins = _abd_" the genera...

Valerio_S by Level 3
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Resolved! Upgrading OpsCenter to different server

Currently we use OpsCenter 7.5 with NBU 7.5. OpsCenter runs on a W2K3 server and NBU on a W2K8 server. We want to replace the W2K3 server for a W2K8. I prepped a new VM with W2K8, but when installing OpsCenter 7.5 i got errors and it didn't install....

NetBackup Ops Centre

I have deleted a netbackup policy from the NBU GUI and then a report of the policy on netbackip op centre to only find the policy still appears on the report.How can i remove the policy from the report but not removing histroy record of that policy?

OpsCenter Custom Report

Hello,          I've been playing with OpsCenter for a couple days trying to create a Custom Report to no avail. My report need to list all the policies on the Master Server, whether or not the policy is active and the servers associated with that p...