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NetBackup Ops Centre

I have deleted a netbackup policy from the NBU GUI and then a report of the policy on netbackip op centre to only find the policy still appears on the report.How can i remove the policy from the report but not removing histroy record of that policy?

OpsCenter Custom Report

Hello,          I've been playing with OpsCenter for a couple days trying to create a Custom Report to no avail. My report need to list all the policies on the Master Server, whether or not the policy is active and the servers associated with that p...

OpsCenter - Data Collection Status Not Started

I just upgraded OpsCenter from to It is monitoring -                 2 NBU master servers                 5 Backup Exec servers, versions 11d, 2010 R2 and R3 All were working before the upgrade.  All are working after the upgrade ...

Hostname of NBU client changes when reported in OC.

An odd one ..possible bug? Hostname of NBU client changes when reported in OC.   The name in NBU is correct but when it appears in OC reports it has been replaced by another client name.  Both hostnames are valid (in DNS) and can be forward/reversed...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Adding LDAP to OPSCenter

Hello,     I need some help about registering an LDAP Active Directory to OPSCenter. As explained , i added the domain following your instructions : vssat addldapdomain -d sosm.lan9 -s ldap://myLDAPmachine -u ou="Users",dc="sosm",dc="lan" -g ou=...

Abdel91 by Level 2
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Unable to add second master server to OpsCenter data collection...

Windows 2008 R2 SP1 OpsCenter v7.6.0.2 2 x master NB52x0 v2.6.0.2 When I try to add second master server to 'data collection' I get:     OpsCenter-10902:A master server with this name already exists. You should provide a different Master Server N...

sdo by Moderator
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OpsCenter Analytics - Default Host Alias wrong

Does anyone know where Analytics is getting it's "host Alias" information from? Out of 1000+ clients, I have about 50 of them that default as showing their IP address as the client name. But, I have one that is displaying an IP address that has never...


Are there SQL query for OPScenter for generating reports?

custom reports with NOM NBU 6.0

Hi all:  Yes I know NOM as name is dead... but AFAIK NOM is OpsCenter now. That's why I posting here, please accept my apologize if not. I have received a request which I feel can be done with NOM 6.0. Audit department wants reports of the backups t...

rbadilla by Level 3
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Temp File - “sqla0001.tmp”

Hi All, We had recently upgraded our NBU OpsCenter server from v7.5.0.6 to v7.6.0.2, As per Symantec recommendation/steps we had performed the upgradation activity and it was successful one. Post the upgradation, I could see there is a temp file “s...

NBU / Ops Center Reporting - VMware Query Based Policies

When running VMware policy types, and selecting VM's via query, what is the best / recommended way to report on the status of clients which were scheduled to backup in the previous 24hrs ?  i.e. success / failure / missed. I don't see an issue with ...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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OpsCenter Email Notifications

I need help/guidance in creating notifications for failed backups that are getting backed up through a query policy.  We work in a hospital environment and for some of our applicaitons the system analyst has to be notified the job failed/completed be...

RonF_ by Not applicable
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Need help with cutomized reporting

Looking to create a report, or used a canned one if it exsists, to show all clients and date of last succesfull backups to send to our server teams. We need it to be able to be broken down between *nix and Windows boxes. The canned report uner Client...

kmills by Level 3
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Resolved! OpsCenter report export

Hello Everyone, I have the following problem: I'd like to export my custom report (last 24 hours detailed backup info) to .csv every day to a share. problem is that the report has ~50.000 rows and opscenter only exports 4.000 :( tried to schedule ...

Resolved! Reports dont match information in catalog

Hello,   I have a client who has NBU running on Windows 2003. They're using opscenter and asked me to look into the following.   The client is running a report (Job Activity > Job Size) from opscenter and the figures looked a bit low to h...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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How to customize alert description in OPSCenter

Hi Techies,   I would like to know if there is a way , we can customize opscenter backup failure alerts to our own way.   As of now , we are receiving alerts as below.   10395 Active Job Completed with Exit Status 86. Alert Raised on: July 21, ...