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Ops Center - Report Configuration

Hello All, Can somebody help me in configuring a custom report in OpsCenter for Missing Monthly full backup for respective client? Recently we had noticed in our environment that monthly full backup failed and not restarted on time and we missed it...

OpsCentre System Requirements

All Apolgies in advance as I'm sure there is a technote for this but I've hunted for sometime and looked at all the admin guides but can't seem to find a basic overview. I need to confirm the system requirements for an OpsCentre Server. We are run...

AlexW365 by Not applicable
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Need assistance on OPScenter report generation

Dear ALL, Need assistance on OPScenter report generation i have requirement were i need # The media details with policy and Retention period which is freezed for more than 8 yrs from beginning on the setup [ I had attempted "Image on Tape" report ...

Raaavan by Level 5
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Capacity Management - Operations Center Custom Report

Master ServerNumber of Clients Backed upNumber of Media ServersNumber of vSphere Backup HostsNumber of Enterprise ClientsNumber of jobs in 24 hour periodNumber of tape drivesNBU Catalog sizeJob Size (full backups) - measurement for trendingSuccess ra...

Resolved! Media server count per master customer report?

Can anyone please assist with an SQL report for OpsCenter to count the media servers per master server and list in alphabetical order? So the format would be: master_server_1           50 Master_server2             75 Master_server3             1...

Resolved! OpsCenter Multiple Times Zones

Hi, I am currently involved in a globalisation project for the entire Netbackup Estate across the UK/ USA/HK and have set up a cetralised OpsCenter server based in the USA, firstly is it Ok to have a Master Server reporting into two OpsCenter server...

Resolved! Database Logins for OpsCenter

Hi I'm looking to run some custom reports against the OpsCenter database. What are the database login details? Once I get access I'll create a dedicated acount for th ereports to run.   Thanks.   Nick.

Is it possible to add Job Type to an Alert Policy Email

Hello all, I am finally setting up some alert policies in OpsCenter Analytics after using the generic netbackup alerts for so long.  I was wondering if it possible to customize or add the Job Type to the body of an alert policy email?   I f...

brekus by Level 1
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OpsCenter report showing policy information

Hi, I would like to create a SQL Query that displays policy information such as policy name, server name, window start time, window end time, whats being backed up, retention period, policy type and client os.  I would like it to be arranged by polic...

banasrs by Level 2
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Netbackup and SCOM 2012 Monitoring

I was advised to post this here aswell: With reguards to monitoring Netbackup with SCOM 2012. SCOM 2012 does not allow a windows server to be add...

OpsCenter 7.5 shows no data backup exec 2010.

OpsCenter 7.5 (free) shows no data backup exec 2010. hello. I created the agent and the data collector to see details backup exec according to documentation, but the data are not visible, the data collector is to enable state, the ports have answer...

OpsCenter Report failed jobs excluding okay on re-run

Hi there all! Im using OpsCenter Analytics on a windows server 2008.   As my title says, i need help to create a report. I can create a report with failed jobs during last night without any problems. But i have noticed that it´s not giving me...

ekesa by Level 3
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OpsCenter: Tape Drive Throughput Report - Accurate?

Has anybody looked into the accuracy of tape drive throughput reports?  Report Templates > Disk & Tape Device Activity Reports > Tape Drive Throughput A long running backup ran for over nine hours had six streams running at ~18 MB/s each into the sam...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Ops Center - Parent Job with data size in GB

Hello Geeks, We use Ops Center Analytics; we have 3 Master servers which run on a Linux OS with NBU version When I run a customized report for NDMP backup for all 3 Master sever, the report is generated as configured for 2 servers ex...

Resolved! OpsCenter Data collection failed/not started

Hi All/Experts,   I facing error for OpsCenter for data collection status. There are two item failed status, Sub Jobs = Not Started Virtual machine = Failed - [Nbsl/Agent communication exception]: Data collection failed for proxy server : vcenter1 , ...

Rookies by Level 4
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How to Remove Duplicates Emails from MS Outlook 2010

Hi I have been using MS outlook 2010 POP3 account for a long time, but now I have face problem of Duplicates emails in my inbox. I have don’t know exact reason how this problems occur. Now I want to remove these emails because these emails hamper my...

OPS physical memory recommended

Hi, I apologize in advance for my english. I need to install OpsCenter on Windows2008, and I saw that symantec recommended minimum 8GB of physical memory. My question is this: having to implement an OpsCenter with a DB of about 7GB, how many physi...

Valerio_S by Level 3
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Customised Logo in OpsCenter Reports

Hi, Need some help on how to change Symantec Opscenter Analytics logo on custom reports exported in PDF's from Opscenter? I am looking to export some of the pdf reports with my company logo instead of Symantec Opscenter Analytics for my clients. Not ...

FirozK by Level 2
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