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Custom report needed - Daily success rate per data type

We have been using the daily success (stock) report but noticed it doesn't fit the needs -   Specifically, I'd like to break it up so it seperates PROD from Non-PROD servers in the daily stats. All of the non-prod servers have a 't' in their hostname...

sgt_why by Level 3
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opscenter rman restore

Hello,   anybody have some technote about how can i restore oracle (rman) from opscenter gui

mkayki by Level 3
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Resolved! Using Opscenter views to create the failure Alerts

I have created 'views' in java viewbuilder to allow me alloctae views to different logins, per server owner. This allows the logged in user to only see their servers reports.   I also use the alerts to email into a call management system to log incid...

NetBackup OpsCenter and Microsoft SCOM/SNMP

According to tom_sprouse here: OpsCenter does not support SNMPGET, although when reading the Management Pack Manual it states on page 13-14 that a Advanced Discovery is run. According to our SCOM ...

Updating OpsCenter Agent in a local Zone

Hey there, i've tried to update OpsCenter Agent on a local Solaris 10 Zone. The Install script exited with the following Error: CPI ERROR V-9-2-1029 Installation on or from local zones is not supported. Version 7.5 is already installed. Why i...

Services stopping and starting

I am having a bit of a problem. The problem seems to be Windows related but I want to make sure that there isn't a related issue. Here are the particulars: Windows 2003 R2 SP2 OpsCenter This happens to be a VM. I'm getting alerts that the Ser...

Resolved! Opcenter Monitor wrong drive status

I face issue about opcenter drive status monitor is wrong. In NBU device monitor all drive status is TLD (Up) but in opscenter drive status is mix. I test disable collection then enable data collection but it still show status is mix. I test delete a...

animalman by Level 4
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Reporting on Alert IDs

Hi we are running OpsCenter Analytics 7.6 on a Windows box.   I would like to find a way to add the alert ID to a report of all the failed backups for a specified period, potentially 8 days.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  If it is, then is t...

Resolved! OpsCenter Custom SQL Reporting

Hi I'm trying to generate a report that displays the percentage usage for disk pools. I can display this either as an integer or as a decimal to 6 places - neither is what I am after. I am trying to limit the percentage display to 2 decimal places. F...

DaveM16 by Level 4
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Missing client

Hello I have install OpsCenter (Build 20130209) some time ago and I thought that everything works well, but today when I was creating a custom report and I wanted to select a specific client from the list of clients (Create a custom repo...

Alert Policies

Hello,   Policies to create log shipping and also need to configure the recipient system?   Thanks.

LuizCesar by Not applicable
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Accessing a users Private Report

Hi all, We have a user who created a private report and setup a schedule to email it each day. The user has now left and we need to modify the report... does anyone know how we can actually access the report? I'm logged in as a security administrator...

bpdown by Level 4
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Change of appliance/master media set up & reporting

I currently have 2 NBU 5200 appliances and these are both individual master/media servers. For OPscenter (non analytics) reports I use the viewbuilder and have added in the server objects to create the reports from both appliances (as I use air repli...

Needs a Only Successful main Job Reports

Hi,   I am new on opscenter queries. I need a report displays only the successful backup job reports last 24 hours. does the anyone have this query ?  

emret by Level 6
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How to purge some domains info from Opscenter db

Hello, We need to create a newm opscenter domain using the the database we have today. We need to keep only one domain at this new opscenter and we want to purge all the database not releated to this domain and from the current opscenter database. Th...

Opscenter Center is showing a Domain as Retired (State Column)

Hello, After a DR we had the master server previously added to Opscenter is now showing as retired. Is there a way to change this Status. I don't to want to delete it because its going to lose its data. Is there a way to merge data between the retire...