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Ops Center report on Policy Keyword field

Presently have NB Master 7.1 and Ops Center 7.1 and need to work on a way to report on client jobs but showing the policy keyword field.  Background: client/server is a disk replicaiton target and hosts remote replicated data from various remote clie...

Resolved! OpsCenter Creating huge (8+GB) temp file in the Windows directory.

Found that OpsCenter ( created a ~8.3 GB C:\windows\temp\sqla0000.tmp file.  It was 10 days old and still had an OpsCenter process attached. When I bounced OC it disappeared. This is an interedting location I would have expected it to use its...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Opscenter & LiveUpdate same server?

Is it recommended to have Opscenter and LiveUpdate on the same server?  When I have IIS turned on for LiveUpdate it conflicts iwth Opscenter when I try tolog on via http with a 503 code.  Once I stop the IIS server and restart the Opscenter web servi...

How to List all Alert Policies

I'm sure I saw a way of listing all the alert policies that have been set up in OpsCenter during a demo, could anyone tell me how it is done please?   Many thanks

Resolved! Report for showing duplication of backups?

Has anyone been able to create a report, if possible, to show backups and if they have been duplicate (Copy 2,3, etc...)?  I want to be able to have a report that would show as an example: Backup1 Backup2 Backup3 Etc.. up to say 10   Report would the...

dukbtr by Level 4
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Symantec Netbackup 7.0 backup logs empty

Hi everyone, I have an issue in netbackup retreiving logs. I'm recieving backup logs mail but in that mail it is a blank mail. how do i need to recover the logs. Though i can get the logs from netbackup console, i need it from mails. Is there any opt...

Resolved! Cannot get Master server to connect to OPSCenter server

I am trying to get OpsCenter working with my Master Server, and cannot get the two to connect. I installed OpsCenter on a seprate server just fine, and added the OpsCenter server just fine in the Master Server Properties dialog box. T...

Custom SQL reporting between two dates

Hi All! I have OpsCenter running on Windows Server 2003. I have the Analytics license and have been writing a custom SQL report with the help of the schema document supplied by Symantec. I wonder if anyone could help me work out how to limit ...

Resolved! OpsCenter causing 100% CPU all the time

Hi all, I have a Windows 2008 server, quad core CPU with 10 GB of RAM running Symantec Ops Center The CPU on this machine is 100% all the time, i search for resolution but I have not found any. I read a Symantec article that claims there was ...

evargas by Level 4
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Found a draft version of NBu 5200 appliance doc in Opscenterfolders

Hi, we just got symantec Opscenter in our envoirnment. While browing through the various folders inside the Opscenter, I found Symantec NetBackup 5200  Administrator's Guide Release . It has a watermark as "DRAFT" and bears the commen...

rk1074 by Level 6
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OpsCenter License Issue

I have an issue went entering the demo license key for OpsCenter analytics I get the above error when trying to enter the license key for OpsCenter. Any ideas?? OpsCenter is on Windows 2008R2 and has recently been upgraded to from D...

OPScenter startup

Hi, I currently run NBU 7.5 (java) and would like to run OPScenter as well. Is this a download or is it part of NBU already? Thanks in advance.

jvmagic by Level 3
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OpsCenter database maxes out

The OpsCenter database (dbsrv11.exe) maxes out the CPU. I have allocated 6 cores just to the database, and they are running 100% continuously. I have done all the obvious stuff: defrag disk, defrag database, increase cache (32GB), add processors. The...