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Where is my space? (Opscenter Reporting)

OK, so long story short the past week my 5220 appliance has been close to useless.  While things hummed along nicely for the initial months (4), as expected space usage slowly began creeping up.  First 60% and then 80%, but it sat in the 80's for a n...

OpsCenter does not get updated after Appliance is reimaged

We have a standalone OpsCenter ( server on a Windows machine, which monitors the master (on a Linux) and all appliance 5220 appliance servers. One of the 5220 appliance was reimaged from 2.0.3 to 2.5.2, but OpsCenter Monitor > Appliance Hardw...

Custom Reports Within OpsCenter v7.5.0.6

As I sort through the canned OpsCenter reports I am noticing that most reports, concerning a daily list of failures and completions, list "all" backups jobs.  I would like to see a reports listing ONLY the successful backups and a seperate report sho...

Resolved! Netbackup reporting with Sybase SQL Anywhere query

Hi Guys, Hope you all are doing good. I am trying to get some customized data using sql query in Ops Center. Like getting latest 10 backup reports for each client. The thing I am struggling with I need the table list where I could get those data. I a...

OpsCenter Trap Recipient Entry Disapears from Alert Policies

Hi Everyone,             We have an issue with a customer that intermitently the OC Policies stop sending alerts because the SNMP Server dissapears from the Trap Recipient field under the policy, this usually happens for all the policies of a specifi...

Failed Job Report

I am using this custom query to show failed jobs, However for our vm policies, it only shows the media server that is backing up the vm client. Here is the query: SELECT domain_MasterServer.friendlyName as "MasterServer", domain_JobArchive.policyName...

OpsCenter: Media Request alert shows "null" for barcode...

I have a "Media Request" alert configured in OpsCenter... the trouble is - it sends email with no barcode. Is this an issue with OpsCenter or am I doing something wrong? Here is the email it sends out: Alert Raised on: August 14, 2013 11:30 AM Tree T...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Vault Report Needed

Does anyone have a report that looks like this:     06/23/2013                                                            Page: 1         Robot: TLD(0) Vault: VRI_VAULT_NCSEBUS4_LTO3 Profile: VAULT         Vendor: VRI        Session ID: 2306         ...

Problems after upgrading OpsCenter to

Hello After upgrading our OpsCenter to from we have some reports that does not work scheduled and there seems to be a problem with the collection from our two masters which are on and Wonder if others had seen similar ...

last successful backup

Hi all. I have a daily report with backup failures in a sql query, but i would like a column where i can see the date for the last successful backup. Can somebody give me a hint in the right direction Thanks in advance Morten

Resolved! SLP Image not reported on OPS Center 7.5

Hi all, I've some problem with my OPS Center, i can't report my SLP Image from Netbackup 7.5. All the other data are report but not this one. I've this message when i want to report. Can somebody help me ? Thx

NicoN by Not applicable
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Resolved! OPS Centre 7.0 - Backup Information.

Hi All, We have started using Opscentre, for Report generation and Backup status analysis, In this regard, right now we are pulling up information for past two months. I am able to generate a report for days till July 15, and not before that.. Is the...

Operations Center Analytics

Does anyone have a report that shows Backup Image Retention Summary by Client report ? What we need is a list of backup images with their retention (backup date and expiration date), showing the client name and tape names. The input parameters….  E.g...

Symantec OpsCenter

Hi All, Can you please tell me where exactly can I check on Opscenter server to see whether traps are getting generated for an alert.   Thanks in advance. Bharat Shet

Bshet by Level 3
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Client Risk Analysis report display old clients

Hello, Since we have installed MP5 on our Netbackup 7.5 Environment,, the client risk analysis report we have scheduled in our OpsCenter installation running on W2008R2 display old clients without any backup informations. As we are using this report ...

Opinion of OpsCenter Analytics

Has anyone that upgraded to OCA have an opinion, good or bad, on whether the upgrade is stable?  I've got a problem with data collection on showing partially connected, and some of the collectors seem to have stopped working over time...