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Symantec OpsCenter

Hi All, Can you please tell me where exactly can I check on Opscenter server to see whether traps are getting generated for an alert.   Thanks in advance. Bharat Shet

Bshet by Level 3
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Client Risk Analysis report display old clients

Hello, Since we have installed MP5 on our Netbackup 7.5 Environment,, the client risk analysis report we have scheduled in our OpsCenter installation running on W2008R2 display old clients without any backup informations. As we are using this report ...

Opinion of OpsCenter Analytics

Has anyone that upgraded to OCA have an opinion, good or bad, on whether the upgrade is stable?  I've got a problem with data collection on showing partially connected, and some of the collectors seem to have stopped working over time...

OpsCenter Daily Success Rate Report

Hi All, Finally i have got OpsCenter 7.5 installed on Solaris box and could see lots of reports are available, However my requirenment is report should be email to me in this format-----   Master Server Name------ Total Client Backed-up -- Total Clie...

Masters gone from ALL MASTER SERVERS view

Hi gang, Need help with solving this puzzle. I have two masters (NBU, OS SLES 10 sp3) that from one day to the other are not being displayed on the ALL MASTER SERVERS view in OpsCenter (v7.5.0.6, OS WIN2K8R2 sp1 64bit). I have looked into Vie...

Number of policies over time report ?

Hello We are trying to generate a report over the number of policies over time We would like the number of policies per month per year, the average number of policies would the be fine as it is for seeing trend in the number policies Regards Michael ...

Netbackup Ops Center Analytics

Hi All,   I am new to Netbackup Ops Center Analytics Tool. My management wants to get job status or job summary details starting from Jan 2013 till date. When I looked into the OCA tool, I am not able to get the information for the required date as t...

cs3472 by Level 4
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OpsCenter Policy Report

I have a NetBackup policy report which shows me everything except the Start Window times. select PolicyName,PolicyTypeName,ClientHostname,ClientOS,ScheduleName, ScheduleTypeName,FileList from nom_NBPolicy p where p.policystatus=0 and p.Active=1  ...

Resolved! OpsCenter Report

I'd like an OpsCenter report that is the equivalent of the eject.list file. We have a daily Vault job and I would like to auto email from OpsCenter the list of media ejected that day so that the hands-on guys can double check what they are boxing and...

Sizing Report

I have been working on a sizing report for a DeDup disk appliance purchase. I have created a report that I thought might help someone else out. This is a report to see the size of all full backups in the last week. It also lists the policy type's:   ...

Resolved! How to setup alert for missed backup schedule in opscenter

Hi,   We are using netbackup I want to know is there a way to set up alerts for skip backup schedule in opscenter. Recently a full backup job was missed, we checked the policy and schedule setting, evrythings seems to be fine as it only happ...

Opscenter analytics - bad info of job type duplication

Hello All   I'm creating some queries to make assessment reports and I'm noticing that all duplicate jobs are with bytes written and files backedup return zero.   Below a query example SELECT * from  vxpmdb.DBA.domain_JobArchive dj,   WHERE dj.type =...

tocals by Level 4
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Opscenter - Show schedule start/end time

Hey All, I am looking for a way to show the schedule start/end times (sometimes referred to as the backup window) in a custom report.  I have an Analytics license and run Win2k8 for Master and Opscenter servers.

Resolved! OCA reporting for Time taken to protect client

Dear Experts, We are trying to get a report from OCA(OpsCenter Analytics) which gives accurate information about average time taken to protect a client. both Full and INCR backups. This will be used to produce to the management after the environment ...

Resolved! Ops Center error 10839 you donot have any permissions to run any report?

nb ops i am running report and getting error 10839 You do not have permissions to run any report with the specified view. However, you can edit the view filter for which you have permissions and can re-run the report.   i am sorting o...

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opscenter displaying client as a dash "-"

hi we use opscenter as our primary reporting tool for backups i have a problem where the report is displaying a client as a dash as in - the client name is correct within netbackup itself  i have had a look in the opcenter setting to see if it has a ...