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Resolved! OpsCenter 7.5 with 7.1 master servers

Hi all, Is it possible to run OpsCenter 7.5 with Master Servers running 7.1? We're having this issue - but can't upgrade NBU to 7.5 yet? Are there any known issues or things to...

bpdown by Level 4
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can't install OPS centers + error 1719

I am trying to install OpsCenter 7.5 Server on Win_2K8_R2 SP1, but can't complete. Error 1719. The Windows installer services could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running windows in safe mode, or if the windows installer is not corectly ...

ducnt by Level 2
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Ghost32 failed in creating an image

Hi, I used Ghost31 in WinPE (bootable CD) for creating an image of my system disk which has 2 partition C with win7 OS and D. It was already normally working but from sometimes I can't follow this operation. It stops itself after 68 % completed, gene...

Casimir94 by Not applicable
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Resolved! OPscenter & reporting on server 'groups' ?

I do not have analytics. I require to find a way to create a common name theme between my servers to allow them to be reported in groups. The current naming conventions mean I have sets of servers that all have different names. Therefore, I cannot se...

Resolved! OpsCenter GUI displays no information

OpsCenter - Windows 2008 R2 Issue: After opening the OpsCenter Analytics console (on the server) no data is displayed. I can't view settings, reports, monitor, nothing. However when using the web console remotely everything works fine. I have...

bpdown by Level 4
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Resolved! Exchange and SQL Database Reports in OPS Center?

HELLO ALL I am running Netbackup and Ops Center on win 2008 r2 i want to made a report which will show my SQL and Exchange data bases i have followed

NetBackup SAN and LAN Client Performance Report

In OpsCenter Analytics 7.5. For the " NetBackup SAN and LAN Client Performance Report". What is the calculation of the Throughput (KB/sec) - FT from the Job Count - FT. We are looking for a confirmation that the output is correct.    

NJ1 by Level 2
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Resolved! OpsCenter

Hi There,   Can any one tell me, can we integrate the reporting managment system OPSCENTER with other devices in the data center so we can monitor other devices performance.

OpsCenter - Datacollection error for BE 12.5 servers

OpsCentre 7.5 Backup Exec 12.5 Media servers W2003/8 Message in OpsCentre: [Nbsl/Agent communication exception]: A4012: Error while Job data collection: Return Code: -100 BE Server Conne...

Willie_SA by Level 6
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OpsCenter Analytics Server Merge

Need to create a new large Server to take over the existing four Opscenter Servers. I will need to keep the historical data.. Currently three of the four OpsCenter Severs are at and the fourth one is at 7.5.. I know that I would have to make ...

NJ1 by Level 2
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Ghost 9.0 & Endpoint crashing system

I have a Windows XP SP3 system that crashes whenever the Ghost 9.0 and Endpoint wizards run. The crash specifically occurs when the programs are enumerating the drives on the system. When the system crashes, the screen becomes pixelated, with a check...

Dave2112 by Not applicable
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opscenter 7.5 Report using query

I'm attempting to create a query in Ops Center 7.5 to accomplish the following report: Client name, mastername ,policy name, backup window, retention period The problem is that I know jack about SQL queries and I don't see any way of creating this re...

OpsCenter Catalog Report like the old VBR one

Hello If thought there might be others there like me missed the old catalog status report from VBR. Have found a way to create it as a custom report. Report Category/Subcategory: Category: Backup/Recovery SubCategory: Job/Image/Media Report View type...

Nebackup for vmware restore

Hello all, Just wondering if there's a plan to be able to restore full virtual machine using Netbackup Opscenter Thanks.

Dollypee by Moderator
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Restore Report - VADP Client names

OpsCenter 7.1 (Windows) NBU (Solaris) Hi all, I'm trying to run a restore report for all of our VMs which are backed up via VADP. When running the restore report it will only list the recovery host (media server) as the client and not the act...

old_mate by Level 4
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Resolved! Can i made OPS Senter Exchange Report with selection of Each DataBase?

hi  i want to made ops center report with each database selection list, i am using ops center not ops analytics. i have selected the Job Directory and it gives very detailed report, i have only 13 data bases ,and there is not option of selecting DATA...

inn_kam by Level 6
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Resolved! Export Lotus Notes to MSG

As I have bulk numbers of .nsf files which I want to backup into .msg format for further use so please help me to export Lotus Notes to .msg by providing time-saving and effective tool, method or suggestion. Tanks and Regards