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OpsCenter migration failed

Hi!Source = W2K8 server running OpsCenter 8.1Target= W2k16 server running OpsCenter 8.1 And a new hostnameSteps followed:Stopped services on source, backed up DB using dbbackup scriptInstalled 8.1 on targetRestored DB on target using dbbackupRebooted...

Resolved! OpsCenter Windows compatibility questions

Hello, currently we have OpsCenter 8.0 on a windows 2008R2 server. This is a two part question:1) We need to update the windows box to 2012 R2 by the end of July --will the upgrade effect the OpsCenter that is already on the box (such as, will it nee...

DoubleP by Level 5
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Resolved! Report Backup VM discovered By TAG

Hi to all , i need to run a Custom report , to obtain a similar report.ClientPolicyError CodeDays without BackupLast successful BackupSo , i have a problem ..Machines discovered through TAGs are not printed in the report, in its place I always print ...

Restore Details Report

I am looking for an Opscenter Analytics script which shows me the following every 4 months;Client (where file came from)Operator (user who signed in and initiated restore)Filename / Directoryname restoredDate / TimeSize of restore job / number of fil...

Tom_Egger by Level 4
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What reports do you use?

Hello, I'm gathering info on the use of OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics.It's fairly obvious that this product has not had much love over the last few years and we were going to replace it with an internal project called Plutus. Obviously, that has ...

Backup to tape report

I'm trying to generate an OpsCenter report which shows how much (GB/TB) data is backed up to tape.I've tried using a tabular report using the "Media Volume Group Name", with columns for "Media Server" and "Job Size".This report doesn't seem to show a...

gaapeio by Level 4
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Resolved! Need to run opscenter query from command line

Hello All,My opscenter analytic version is 8.1.2Can any one point me to how I can run an opscenter query from the opscenter server db itself? Not from the web console. The steps involve and any other pre-task. Thank you in advance.

Dollypee by Moderator
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How To Create Report Showing BackupID Of Backup Job

Hi,Im new to Netbackup and need to produce a simple report in OpsCenter to track the backupid through all the jobs running each day for the Backup, replication and duplication of each job.Forgot to add we run Netbackup 8.1.1I can find the ID manually...

Custom media utilization reports of each volume pool

I am new to Opscenter/Netbackup and would like to pull a tape media utilization report of each volume pool for monitoring the usage of tape media. The report should have the following consolidated details:Master Server Name - Media Server Name - Volu...

hyng by Level 0
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OpsCenter Report changes in 8.1.2

We recently upgraded OpsCenter from 7.7.3 to 8.1.2 and noticed that the information included in job reports has changed when a policy has multiple data streams enabled. There used to be only 1 line per client shown on the report but now it shows each...

Resolved! Create custom alerts in OpsCenter 8.1.2

I hope that someone can help me. I am looking for a way to generate an email alert when many catalog items have their expiration changed over a given period of time. I can see in the Audit Trails when this occurs but there is no predefined alert unde...

Resolved! question on OpsCenter DB defrag

We're doing a defrag of OpsCenter (8.0--windows box) this coming Monday. I've already worked with Veritas on memory, etc, but have a couple questions since this will be the first time my team will be handling this. (The previous team last handled it ...

DoubleP by Level 5
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OpsCenter common custom reports

Opscenter version - 8.1.1Affected master server version - all,I had configured canned report to generate all failed backups. However, It was brought to my attention, the report is skipping or failing to report error codes 196. I took a l...

Dollypee by Moderator
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Resolved! opscenter customized sccript issue

SELECT DISTINCT B.friendlyName as 'Master Server', A.clientName as 'Client Name', A.policyName as 'Policy Name', LIST( DISTINCT A.statuscode) as 'Status Code', ( select DATEDIFF(DAY,UtcBigIntToNomTime(MAX(CKP.endTime)),GETDATE()) as 'Days since Last ...

noazara by Level 6
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Resolved! Windows Server 2016 support

I'm planning on upgrading the OS running on the server that runs OpsCenter Analytics. Currently, it is Windows 2012 and I would like to go to 2016. shows only Windows 2012 or 2012 R2 is support...

X2 by Moderator
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OpsCenter - Adding Master Server Credentials

Hello,We operate OpsCenter8.1.1 in the following environment.NetBackup 8.1.1 (Windows)We'd like to know about "Master Server credentials".When I click "Test Connection", the following message appears.##Connection successful. The provided credentials ...

opcenter custon report

Hello, please, I would need help to get an opscenter report with the following contentMaster serverclient namenbu versionThank you.

SQL reports doesn't work after upgrade

Hello,We have upgraded our Opscenter server from 8.0 to 8.1.2, but now it seems that this version is less efficient.This version is indeed less reactive, sometime it freeze when we try to change section, and old SQL reports does'nt work anymore.i can...

panthony by Level 4
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migrate OPScenter to a new server

Hello all, I want to migrate my ops-center server to a new server with another OS. It is now on Windows 2008 and it needs to go to a server with windows 2016. I cannot find a good document how to do this. Can anybody help to find the doc?Netbackup ve...