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Resolved! Week at a glance - can it show a month at a time?

OpsCenter Version Report Templates>Backup>Status & Success Rate>Status> Week at a Glance: Ideally I'd like a report which will allow me to show a dashboard to the server owners with the visual format of the 'week at a glance' report, which wo...

E-Mail Alert Template

I have the base OpsCenter license -- wondering if there is a way to edit the e-mail template that is sent for various alerts... For example, I have created an alert for when a backup job is completed successfully, but would like to customize the subj...

JustN by Level 4
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Resolved! OpsCenter - Report on Backup Job Database Instance Name

Is it possible to report on database instance names? I have a SQL backup policy configured in NetBackup and it would be nice to report on databases themselves instead of just the server name. In this article

VictorPrata by Level 3
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Resolved! Emailing B/U Failures with the body of the EMAIL in TEXT

Hi, I'm a complete newbie (as you can tell when I started this thread in the other forum...) In an attempt to auto-log incidents in our incident management system, I nee...

Tape usage reporting

Netbackup 7104, Windows 2008r2, OpsCenter Analytics 7104   Hello all, I am trying to compile some reporting on tape usage, so we can better plan moving forward. I'm wanting to look back month-to-month for perhaps the last 6 months to a years to gener...

Failure alerts for specific schedules on specific policies

I am trying to figure out how to be alerted for only Full backups of our Exchange database's. I am not as concerned with incremental as those are not even a business requirement, just a something we have added to boost RPO. However as of now using th...

Resolved! Symantec Monitoring and Reporting Software

Is there any software (Symantec or not), that will be able to monitor on and report for Backup Exec, Evault and SEP all in the same dashboard\application? I read on Symantec OpsCenter Analytics but it doesnt evwen support Backup Exec 2010 or 2012 and...

OpsCenter 7.1. No Masterserver detected

Installed OpsCenter 7.1 on W2008(Virtual server. Added long and short name of OC server name to Master server host propeties. Services on OC server started. Firewall disabled. Can connect via Internet Explorer, ask user and password. See initial scre...

Willie_SA by Level 6
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Send clear - Job Finalized

Hi! I have alert policy with alert condition 'Job Finalized' that works fine, but the alerts are not cleared and I wanna know why because there is another policy with Alert Condition 'Drive Down' that the alerts are cleared.   att.   Tominaga

Ops Center Backup File Count and Job Size Report

Looking for help in interpreting a Ops Centre Report on a file server backup. We run this report on a weekly basis and it looks at the file server backups run in the previous 8 days. I have 3 questions/points, (please see attached spreadsheet) 1. Why...

Stillg by Not applicable
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OpsCenter - NetBackup User Name and Password

In setting up OpsCenter with new master servers (Win2K8R2) with Advance Data Collection Properties and Enable License Deployment Data Collection, I can not get OpsCenter to accept the User Name and Password.  I can not find any documentation on how t...

Resolved! OpsCenter stopped collecting data from NBU

We have a customer that uses the OpsCenter to monitor the backups and send a daily report. For no known reason the OpsCenter stopped collecting data from NBU and the daily report came out empty. I tried restarting the  OpsCenter services by the comma...

effiko by Level 4
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Frozen Tapes

Hi, is there any solution to get a report of frozen tapes - with the info how often the tapes get frozen?   Regards Dirk

Resolved! total number of scratch tapes

Hi, I need a report with the total number of scratch tapes for every robot. Is it possible in OpcCenter I don´t  need barcodes, only the total number.   Regards Dirk

number of Scratch-Tapes

Hi, I need a report with the number of all Robots - no Barcodes, no Tape-id´s - only the total number of scratch-tapes per robot. Is there any way in opccenter ???   Regards Dirk

NetBackup Master or Media Server Unreachable Report

I haven't been able to create a report which provides a history of when a Master or Media Server was unreachable.  we get pages when a Master or Media Server is unreachable, but for looking back in time it would be helpful to have a report showing wh...