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Tape Drive Utilization in Opscenter

Hi, Tape drive utilization report has changed since the days of VBR. Current Drawbacks in Tape Drive Utilization Report present in Opscenter till the most current version 1. Report is a heatmap report cannot be exported to excel. 2. Report is...

Vnktm by Level 3
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Dashboard for Management

HI All, i am trying to create dashboard for management, we have EMC DPA and create web reports, provide that links in our group website for management access, is there a way we can do the same in OPS center

what happens to ops center if I remove the media server software on A Windows 2008 client that has both ops center and media server software installed ?

Hello Everyone,                          I've got a server dedicated to Ops center. The thing is that for some reason it's got the media server software installed on it and I want to get ride of it.  My concern is that the media server removal might ...

Opscenter can log into gui but 'hanging'

Hi, We've just installed 2 new netbackup environments each consisting of 1 master and 1 media server. All are on Windows 2008R2 x64 platforms and working well. We've also just installed Opscenter onto each media server. Due to issues with sec...

briggsy by Level 4
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Resolved! Reporting on restore (opscenter)

Hi guys, I'm trying to create a restore report on Opscenter that list, among many informations, the policy a client belongs. For example I have one client ABC which is inside DEF policy. When I create report the column Policy Name is 'UNKNOWN' for al...

ldias by Level 4
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Data collecting from EV 10

Hi All Does anyone have OPS centre collecting data from EV 10. Our Environment Server1 has EV installed plus the Ops Agent. Server2 has the database installed   I have gone through the admin guide and configured the data collector as detaile...

ICAEW by Level 2
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Opscenter command line user recipient

Hy, i would like to know if it's posible to insert user recipient in command line ?   i'm in opscenter version   thank you for you help   Best regards   François  

fdassonville by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! OpsCenter admin password reset util

I upgraded OpsCenter from 7.1 to and I can't login using the admin account. I can't find VSSAT in it's described directory and if I run it from Symantec\OpsCenter\server\eat\bin it gives me the following.     vssat initAtHandle ERROR V-18-711...

Resolved! OpsCenter Reporting and expiration date

Hi all,   I love opscenter and have managed to create several "nice to have" reports but i have a problem... Do anyone know if i can get a report that show me expiration date of a full backup?   I have managed to get all info i need with a batch file...

ekesa by Level 3
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Netbackup Capacity Reporting from 5220 Master Server

Hi Guys, Looking for some help with generating capacity license reports from a Netbackup Appliance master server using opscenter. My appliance is running 2.5 of the appliance software which is of netbackup and the opscenter is currently 7.5.0...

OpsCenter Analytics history

Hello all,   I am trying to perform a search for jobs from May 2012 thru October 2012 in OpsCenter Analytics under Monitor>Jobs. I've read where this is set by default to only let you search for data 30 days back or less, which holds true as I do get...

Resolved! send alert email to user

Hi All, I configured one policy xyz ,I want to send an email to the owner only of this policy informing him about details of job status .kindly provide me with the direct steps to do this. Regards,

Rami_Nasser1 by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Veritas Backup Reporter 6.6 is not working

Hello Everyone, We've a Veritas Backup reporter 6.6. Daily we'll receive Daily summary Report and Daily failure Codes, till 12/23/2012 Tuesday it was working fine. For 12/24/2012 it didn't send the daily failure codes report. I've tried manully editi...

Moving custom reports - OPScenter 7.0.1 and 7.5

Hi All, I have a question about My Reports in OPSCenter. I have old 7.0.1 but with many of custom reports. There is a problem with database consistency, so, I don't want to upgrade. I installed new OPSCenter 7.5, and this is working good. But I ha...

mrmadej by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Ops Center Services keep stopping

  V7.1.0.2 Windows Hi all, I have an issue where my OpsCenter services stop every night just after midnight. Once started again everything works as expected. Database corruption has been ruled out. There is no error that I can find, only informationa...

old_mate by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! SLP dedupe report

Has anyone had experience with creating Storage Lifecycle Policy reports? We are running Netbackup and OpsCenter (Build 20120916). When we go to OpsCenter -> Reports -> Storage Lifecycle Policy -> SLP Backlog it doesn't show anything....