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Drive Utilization Report

I'm using OpsCenter Analytics v7.1 and would like to know the idle drive time as a percentage.  The Drive Utilization report seems to only be reporting usage by backup jobs that write directly to tape.  Nearly all of my backup jobs are disk-to-disk-t...

Missing Client In View

I am using NBU and OpsCenter with analytics, the NBU is hosted on a RHEL 5.6 server with OC on a Win2003 . On the OC I have set up several views to manage reporting which have worked very well; however, I have found a small issue with...

Resolved! Fatal Error During Upgrade VBR6.6.2 TO Opscenter 7.1

Dear OS:WIN 2003 ENT X32 I am upgrading VBR 6.6.2 TO Ops center Server  7.1 (x32) ,while installing it gives fatal error  screen shot below (i have already followed all instructions mentioned in OPSCENTER Install guide )  

inn_kam by Level 6
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Resolved! All Failed Backups Template

I am trying to customize the All Failed Backups report to show all failed backups for a full backups of our Exchange databases and have them emailed to my nightly so I have verry fast notification to any failed backups. I have the report narrowed dow...

Ops Center 7.5 - Can't open WebUI Logon

I have a newly installed Netbackup Ops Center server 7.5 that I cannot open the web console on.  When opening the WebUI Login shortcut I get the following error in Internet Explorer 9:           HTTP Status 404 - /opscenter/           type Status rep...

Opscenter 7.1 y bpcoverage

Buenos días, Como veo que tenéis un gran dominio de Opscenter Analitics, me gustaría saber si existe una opción de ejecutar el comando bpcoverage desde la herramienta, para todos los clientes, y que te saque un informe exportable? Muchas gracias

En Opscenter 7.5 aparecen errores de agente al consultar los Reports de Capacidad por MASTER con las configuraciones por defecto de los collectors de los Master en 7.1

Hola, gentes de foro. Saludar en primer lugar en este primer post a los ya unidos y a los que han añadido foto doblemente, en mi caso me están retocando una con photoshop para no bajar la audiencia. Un saludo a todos. Os adjunto datos del caso que me...

VNR_VNR by Level 3
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Incomplete Job Alert Reporting on All Policies

As each of our NetBackup 7.5.03 media servers are in different offices and managed by specific IT staff, we have several incomplete job alerts configured for each of our media servers.  However, we found that all incomplete job alerts were reporting ...

generating report

Hi Folks,   We have a total of six PD appliances.   Please help in generating report that includes dsstat output from all nodes using opscentre server.       Regrds, Bharath

Ops Center 7.1 and 7.5 Schema and transact SQL examples please?

Hi First does anyone have a copy of the Ops Center Scheema for 7.1 and 7.5 so I can see if I can create some custome reports uaing SQL commands Second as I am not good with Transact SQL or SQL plus if people can share the commands they have used t...

firstlight by Level 2
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Resolved! about migrate Opscenter from the current server to a new server

Dear all Our Opscenter system is installed on 2008R2,64-bit Windows box (a virtual machine)currently. The Opscenter version is (Build 20110612), We need to migrate it to a new 2008R2,64-bit Windows box in another DC since the current DC is go...

CVE Research

Can anyone point me to a CVE database for Netbackup and it's associated processes (OpsCenter specifically)?   We have two different vulnerabilities to check   CVE-2012-0022 CVE-2011-4...

Resolved! Top10 failed backup with OpsCenter NB7.1??

    Hi everyone,   I need to create a report that show me a top10 of failed backup. I wanna know which client is the most failed.   I tried with a template Backup > Status & Success Rate > Status > All Failed Backups, but it show me a tabular report ...

nmitb by Level 2
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Resolved! OPSCenter data collection time interval

Good Afternoon, I'm facing some problems with data collection in opscenter. There's one master server 7.0.1 and one server where is installed OPSCenter 7.5. Almost everything is working fine. I can see OPScenter is collecting all data from master ser...

ldias by Level 4
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Create new Database - Opscenter

Having all sorts of problems with Opscenter which i think is mainly due to a 5 year old Database which started life in VBR. Without reinstalling Opscenter how do i create a new Database and start again ? Also anyone know whether my 7.1 licens...

all4one by Level 3
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