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Resolved! OpsCenter : customized report with color or icon

Hello, Do you know if it is possible to customize the report rendering with colors and/or icons ? I'm trying to reproduce a synthetic report of daily jobs, and default tabular report are not easy to read. Is there a way to replace value in column wit...

Unable to Delete Master Server

I am running OpsCenter Analytics  I am unable to delete a decommissioned master server.  I do:   Settings Configuration Select the master server for deletion. Click Delete   Once done, I get a message saying, Operation Completed. The OpsCent...

Chain of custody report...showing backup image ID and Media ID

Hello folks, I have a situation where I need to create a report in Opscenter to generate the following type of report. This report used to be available on VBR but its not available on Opscenter 7.x PLEASE HELP!!! Report on backup client to show the f...

ESM_Admin by Level 4
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Resolved! Custom report in OpsCenter

I'm trying to figure out how to put together a report in OpsCenter that pulls the following information:   Policy Name   Clients   Schedule(s)   Backup Selections   Retention.   I've looked at the custom reports options and some of the canned reports...

Resolved! OpsCenter - How far it can retain backup History

I want to configure OpsCenter for NetBackup 7.1 environment and have few basic questions. Your answers will help me making my decision. Thanks in advance. 1. How far OpsCenter database can retain backup History? Suppose I want to check if backup happ...

Resolved! Ops Center data collectors are not working

Hi All, I am facing an issue with my Ops center data collectors. JOB data collector always run and does not collect data(After 24 hours job summary status is showing NO DATA).  Whenever we enable and disable the data collection then CPU utilization r...

Resolved! OpsCenter upgrade error

Hi, I am trying to upgrade my OpsCenter from to but this keeps failing after updating the database, it seem to start Ok then goes into rollback mode. had a look at the Vxinst.log but cannot see why this is failing, I have attached the...

Using AD groups in opscenter

Does anyone know how I can add and AD group to opscenter for administration? I can add indiviual domain users but not domain groups.

Resolved! Migrate OpsCenter

Hi everyone,   I have a media server with the Netbackup OpsCenter installed in Windows Server 2008 R2, and I need to migrate it to a new media with Linux OS without losing the reports that I already created.   Anyone have an ideia how can I d...

pamorim by Level 3
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Running OpsCenter in a clustered environment

We're looking to build a new Opscenter clustered environment.  Looking for some real world suggestions and a few questions.   Per the Admin guide, only VCS is supported as cluster software for Windows or Unix.  Is anyone using anything different with...

js88699 by Level 5
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Resolved! OpsCenter for Red Hat

Hello,   I have a quick question concerning the installation of OpsCenter for Red Hat.  I do not seem to see the required downloads.  The downloads that I see are named:   OpsCenter_7.5_Unix_tar-gz.1of2 OpsCenter_7.5_Unix_tar-gz.2of2 When I extract t...

Resolved! Symantec Nebackup report

Hi All, I have 600 client on symantec netbackup, we are working 24*7. I require 100% SLA for complete the all jobs. Provide suggestion for monitoring the jobs. Regards, Vasudev Daxini      

Drive Utilization Report

I'm using OpsCenter Analytics v7.1 and would like to know the idle drive time as a percentage.  The Drive Utilization report seems to only be reporting usage by backup jobs that write directly to tape.  Nearly all of my backup jobs are disk-to-disk-t...

Missing Client In View

I am using NBU and OpsCenter with analytics, the NBU is hosted on a RHEL 5.6 server with OC on a Win2003 . On the OC I have set up several views to manage reporting which have worked very well; however, I have found a small issue with...

Resolved! Fatal Error During Upgrade VBR6.6.2 TO Opscenter 7.1

Dear OS:WIN 2003 ENT X32 I am upgrading VBR 6.6.2 TO Ops center Server  7.1 (x32) ,while installing it gives fatal error  screen shot below (i have already followed all instructions mentioned in OPSCENTER Install guide )  

inn_kam by Level 6
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Resolved! All Failed Backups Template

I am trying to customize the All Failed Backups report to show all failed backups for a full backups of our Exchange databases and have them emailed to my nightly so I have verry fast notification to any failed backups. I have the report narrowed dow...

Ops Center 7.5 - Can't open WebUI Logon

I have a newly installed Netbackup Ops Center server 7.5 that I cannot open the web console on.  When opening the WebUI Login shortcut I get the following error in Internet Explorer 9:           HTTP Status 404 - /opscenter/           type Status rep...