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Ops Center Available media report, tape count

Hi, We use NOM to generate an available media report, which provides us with information of tapes currently in the tape library with master server name, volume pool name and quantity (formed from slot number count).  However I am having difficulty re...

HTML output of reports

I just upgraded to the 7.0.1 OpsCenter and have found that when you email a report out in HTML format, it no longer embeds the report in the email, but instead creates attachments for all the graphics and the reports. Is there any way to change this ...

VBR with NetBackup 7?

Has anyone out there tried to use VBR with Netbackup 7?   I know it's not supported, but that never stops us from trying it right?  ;) If you've tried (or are using) VBR with NetBackup 7, I'd love to hear your experience.

"Stored Backup Images" chart

I do not understand what is "Stored Backup Images" report. My "Stored Backup Images" report display about 1,400,000 MB, i.e. 1,4 TB. Its stange because I backup about 15 TB every days and 70 TB each week-end ! Furthermore, "Library Capacity Forcast" ...

Gdd by Level 6
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OpsCenter always print all the views for one report ?

For "job count" report, I have 3 views : Distribution, Historical and Ranking. I can save only one of these "view" in My report and insert it in My Dashboard, but when I send this report by mail (in PDF or HTLM), all the view and all the "charts ...

Gdd by Level 6
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Resolved! Deleted Policies

Hi,   Environment is   Windows 2003 64 bit with OpsCenter 7.0.1 (upgraded from NOM)   Issue:   My client has a policy configured to send an alert when a policy is changed. On a few occasions now they've been alerted that each and every policy (around...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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Resolved! NetBackup opscenter my dashboard

Hi, I have a question regarding 'my dashboard' in opscenter: Is it possible to customize 'my dashboard' as per user basis? For example, when user A login, he has a set of reports in 'my dashboard"; when user B login, he has another set of reports in ...

liuyang by Level 6
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Client Occupancy Reports - how?

Hi Guys, For years I've worked with TSM and was able to pull occpuancy reports that showed exactly how much data all the clients were storing, where that data was (i.e. on tape/disk and within which pools. i.e. onsite, offsite). I've now warmed to Ne...

Sudo911 by Not applicable
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OpsCenter Export to PDF layout

Is there any way to change the layout on a PDF exported report in OpsCenter 7.0.1 to landscape? Many of the reports I run would benefit greatly by that change. My OpsCenter instance is the free version included with NBU 7 and is not licensed for OpsC...

Opscentre 7.0.1 Duplicate Host Entry

Hello,   I have an opscentre 7.0.1 server that was reporting and dispalying fine of my netbackup master 6.5.4 server.However I recently upgraded the master server to 7.0.1 and now NOM reports the same server twice one as a short name and one as fqdn....

Resolved! No blue men in exported report

Hi Everyone, Having a play with opscenter version 7.0.1, so please excuse me if this is an easy answer or been discussed before. Running the weekly at a glance backup success report, from the Gui it shows the blue and yellow men like in activity moni...

Resolved! Netbackup Opscenter reporting media used

Hi, We're trying to us Opscenter to generate a report that just has the client backed up and the media used and date.  Or the policy and media used, but I'm not finding it anywhere. The closes I've gotten is the Backup -> Status & Success Rate -> Sta...

Daily Backup Status Report Base on Policy Name

I use to have a Daily Backup Status report email from Veritas Backup Reporter that contain Status, Policy Name, Job Start Time, Job End Time, Job Size (GB) and on the bottom total GB backup for one day.  I am trying to recreate this report on OpsCent...

Can't get any server to report

Hi guys, I've been trying to get Symantec OpsCenter working for a couple of days now without luck. I have installed the application, created the agent and data collector but it doesn't work. Everything reads as "Not Started" and I have no idea wha...

amaru96 by Not applicable
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OpsCenter with external broker

Is it possible to use external AT broker for OpsCenter? Which type should it be? I already have NBAC infrastructure with 1 Root broker and several AB on Master-servers.

kf by Level 2
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OpsCenter Analytics 7.0.1 report problem

Hello, We are running NetBackup 7.0.1 and OpsCenter Analytics 7.0.1. As we are used VBR 6.6 before, there has a custome report to show the colume as the follow: Job Client Policy Name Job Primary ID Job Size (MB)Job Duration (Minutes)Job Start Time J...

Rick_Lam by Level 2
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OpsCenter reporting removed drives as DOWN

Hello, We run NetBackup 7.0.1 and OpsCenter Analytics 7.0.1. We have 49 drives spread out over 3 tape libraries (24+24+1) working well and having all paths UP. However, during some testing we had an additional tape library with 12 drives attached to ...

Using OpsCenter Custom SQL reporting and need help

I am producing a report using custom SQL reporting. When I use the destmediaID field from nb_Jobattempt table, I only get the 2nd tape used and not the first. How can I get both (or all) of the media IDs used for a single job?   Thanks for any help.