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Job Summary report on Monitor overview

Hi I am finding the "job summary by exit status" report very useful in the daily administration of our NetBackup environment so i am looking find a way to email this report daily. I cannot find a template for this report and i have tried recreating ...

OpsCenter Report Help - Storage Unit information

Hello, I'm looking for some reporting help in OpsCenter. In the "Manage" tab there's a "storage" tab which displays "storage unit" information. Since OpsCenter fails to provide a way to print this information or export it in anyway, I'm trying to fi...

Need help with a report -- add File List

I have just started working with NBU and OPS Center. I am trying to create a report which includes the CLIENT NAME, DURATION, EXIT STATUS, START TIME & END TIME. I can find a report that does this much but I need to be able to show the FILE LIST. ...

Create custom SQL query in OpsCenter

Has anyone been able to create a custom SQL query in Netbackup OpsCenter? Whatever SQL query I enter when I try to create a new report, it would say "Enter a valid query." What does Symantec consider valid? For example, is this query valid? select *...

Daily Backup Status Report.

Dear All, For daily backup status, we are using /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/mail_bp_reports script. We have customized this script little bit where we have put a condition, if backup has some exception (exit status > than 0) then send mail to a...

VBR 6.6.2 - VBR Process stopped running

Hi everyone, We are using VBR 6.6.2 and the VBR process stopped from time to time while other processes still running as shown below. We tried to restart the processes, other processes started but the VBR process often not start up and we reboot the...

Partially Successful vs Successful

Has anyone had experience with setting OpsCenter to report Partially Successful backups as Successful (I had this set up with VBR) but can't remember how to flip the bit... Thanks

Kevin_Good by Level 5
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Resolved! OPScenter Trial

Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get OPScenter trial and license? Also want to know system requirements and Netbackup level required. Thanks.

Help with a report

Hi All, I need to create a report to show that all jobs have gone to tape. Some of our jobs are backed up to disk first then duplicated off to tape where as other go straight to tape. I need to be able to show that all clients have been backed up to...

EdShah by Not applicable
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Scheduled Reports - E-mail missing report

Hello, I can e-mail a report - but when i set up a schedule to e-mail the report daily - i receive a blank e-mail Can anyone help with this Many thanks in advance for any help

Backup Reporter 6.6 - Licensing

Hi all you technological wizards!!! We are having an issue with our licenses on our VBR installation. It is saying that we have exceeded our license amount. So we investigated and found it was counting more than the amount of active clients in our b...

OpsCenter in a Mixed NBU environment

I have (1) NBU 7.0 Master and (15) MBU 6.5 Masters and deploying OpsCenter.  It works great with my 7.0 Master, but I now want to start adding the 6.5's in.  OpsCenter is installed in a separate server than my 7.0 Master.  The Admin Guide does not sh...

Duplicate client ip addresses cause VBR to merged client name ?

Details: On netbackup master server we have: /etc/hosts   clientA   clientB   we then ran a backup on clientA and clientB and setup VBR on ViewBuilder and noticed that only ClientA with ip address appear...

willoz74 by Not applicable
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Netbackup 7 and SCOM

According to this document there is a way to integrate NBU 6.5 (via NOM) and SCOM/MOM. There is a management pack to do this. Is there a similar way to integrate Ops Center (NBU 7 monitoring platform) with ...

Pappo by Level 3
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Symantec OpsCenter Windows installation

We have just purchased Symantec OpsCenter + Analytics and I will be installing it on a Dell R710 with 2 quad core 2.93 GHz CPUs and 24 GB of RAM. I have 2 X 146GB and 3 X 300GB hard drives for the system. My question is this: I plan on seperating th...

RGuinn by Level 4
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How to monitor VBR itself?

I have not be able to find any good documentation discussing how to monitor VBR itself. Things like, how many reports are currently running, queud. How to test the various processes are responding etc. Anyone have ideas or could help point me in the...