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SQL query - Backup policy report

Hi,I'm trying to get a report with the following fields"Policy Name" "GB Written" "Master Server"I tried to get the report by 2 waysSELECT distinct d.policyName AS "Policy Name", CAST(SUM(d.sizeOfImageInKBytes)/1024/1024/1024 AS DEC(8,2)) AS "GB Writ...

MaganaI by Level 1
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Need opscenter report for deactivated policies

Hi all,Recently we discovered that we forgot to enable some deactivated policies in netbackup and they were skipped for 5-6 days. We want to configure a report which comes everyday listing the deactivated policies. I tried options in Opscenter but co...

Akh2323 by Level 3
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Resolved! How to find HostGUID for master server

The GUID of a master server used to be easy to locate in OpsCenter prior to 8.0. Can one still find this in the OpsCenter GUI somewhere? We have reports that use the field "HostGUID" and I can't locate the GUID of a new master server in OpsCenter.

Custom SQL Report

Hi I'm looking to run a custom SQL Report that list all the servers being backed up, their shedule name and retention policy for auditting purposes.

HTTPS Port Change - Server 2016

All,I'm fighting an issue with changing the https port in OpsCenter from 443 to another port (9443, and 8888) have been tried so far.  This is fresh install of Windows Server 2016 and OpsCenter 8.0.  If the port isn't changed and left to the default ...

Ops Center REPORT Images on Tape

Need to generate Opscenter  report as Images on tape from NetBackup Admin Console.Backup ID, Client, Policy, Schedule Type, Retention Period, Number files, Expiration, Kilobytes, Media ID,Tape barcode, Policy Type, Any answer is welcome 

Resolved! SCOM 2016 management pack for netbackup 7.7.x

hi experts,  can some guide me if netbackup version 7.7.3 supports SCOM 2016 ? If so where do we download managment pack for scom 2016.also if possible can you point me simpler guide to configure the same.

Use opscenter for other master server

Hi dear all,I have a master server and opscenter 7.7.2, I want to install new master server NBU 8 in other site. is it any way to connect second master server(8) to existing opscenter(7.7.2)Thanks

Need a report for a specific retention set

Hi:I´m currently trying to create a report in OpsCenter to give me all backup policies I have that uses a given retention level, but as my OpsCenter DB is kinda big, I can´t use imge copies. I need to create a report like this:Policy Name:    Retenti...

welper by Level 1
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Limit to send only 1 email about job failure per master server

Good day,I have a question about OpsCenter alerts policy.We have several master servers added and use Data Collection to monitor jobs.Our alert policy is set to send e-mail when any job failed (scope: all master servers).With many clients, we have ma...

report for full backup size and total time

Dears ,i have a exercise to enhace backup times so i want to have the below report schema to comapre it before and after enhancements , some thing like that one  geneated by nbdepoly utility .report schema : policy name , client , full backup size , ...

sa2 by Level 4
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Resolved! What's the difference between job size in Opscenter and Netbackup ?

Hello everyone,I don't understand why there is a difference between the job size shown in Opcenter, and the Kilobytes value in Netbackup ?For example, for the same job :From Opcenter, I can see that the job is complete and it's size is 11.502TB From ...

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panthony by Level 4
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