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Help finding table that holds hostname of netbackup clients

Hi I have recently implemented VBR in our environment and now im looking to customise for our environment porta;. Im looking to produce a report that lists all clients there backup speeds for the previous night. Im stuggling to find the table that h...

Resolved! Custom Reports for Job Duration

Hello, I need to create reports that spit out the duration of all Cumulative Incremental backup jobs by server, and the same for Full backup jobs.  Does anyone have any hints or a how-to create these reports? Thanks, Ryan

Naota by Level 4
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VBR and Puredisk Replication Jobs

Can anyone help with this problem. We have VBR 6.5 reporting very well on two puredisk nodes. All the jobs are reported and reports are being emailed to our support desk. We have a series of replication jobs between the two nodes and I would like to ...

mcphersond by Level 2
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VBR and one-click reports

Does anyone know when VBR will stop running the one-click reports automatically against your entire Enterprise ? Given the size of our environment just about all of them timeout on us if we try running them, we can't bring them up at all. I know it...

jnardello by Moderator
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Recovery Job report

Hi, I would like to produce a report detailing Restore jobs and the related backup job to determine how excessive the retention period of backup images is. The Custom report i currently have is returning rows for some, but not all recovery jobs. I ...

VBR Training

Got Training??   Ask us today in this forum about our latest and greatest training offerings for VERITAS Backup Reporter.   It’s all designed to help you manage IT risk and operate with confidence in a connected world.  

rlucas by Level 3
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Report folder size

Im looking for a report that can show how big our backups of /home are. We have no specific policy for just the home folders, we are backing up everything on the server with one policy. Is it possible to select a folder or do I need to make a policy ...

View Builder: Are you kidding me?!

This is ridiculous. Whenever I add an object to a view, I have to expand the view.  Which takes forever with 1000+ objects.  Then after the object is added, the view collapses again. When I have to add several servers at a time this is about as much ...

Custom Report

Hello, I've created a report :        client   client   client date ...       ...        ... date ...       ...        ... date ...       ...        ... with custom report/historical. But there is too many client. Can you explain me, how can i do a r...

Change IP address on Veritas backup reporter server

I've changed the hostname on my VBR Solaris 9 server  at work , and i can't loggin  on VBR console to work. , anyone know what changes i have to do on the VBR server besides changing the /etc/hosts file ,?  I would appreciate some help .

Advanced Documentation

Is there a book, PDF, or manual for in depth report design online or at the Symantec site?   I've been looking around, but may have just missed it.   

Job Duration value

Does anyone know the default vaule of time for the job duration report?  The report I ran that shows "Total Time to backup" ranges from 100,000 to 1,200,000 per day....even if that were a value of seconds it would appear to be 333 hours...which is a ...

ReneeC by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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File systems on viewer builder display as other

Can anyone advice on how to enable file systems options on VBR. The breakup jobs on the agent module is set on true,however on viewer builder all the file systems for the clients reflect as "other"

mendi by Level 3
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The unveiling of Symantec Connect...

Coming  March 1st... We'reexcited to announce the release of SymantecConnect.This new community enables you to find & share technicalinformation and to connect with all of your product peers globally.  Itwill combine  and replace the current Symantec...

Turls by Level 6
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VBR migration to Virtual Machine.

I am having some issues after migrating to a VM, not sure where to turn and am open to ideas.. The only notiable changes were the move its self from physical to VM, and the IP associated with the hostname. Version: 6.2.1753.3 From the date the move h...

slevans by Level 4
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What is the best situation to setup a user has "User" permission?

I discovered the “User” permission seems very limited of what they can do in VBR (if this is a wrong statement, please let me know)    a) My environment    b) The limitations of what I saw.     c) Can I have more detail setups under each permission? ...

Client Information Report ??

Ref to previous thread: Hey Malcom,You can create custom reports with a row for each client by clicking on the "Reports" tab and then "Custom" and going to tabular as the type.  Unfortunately client version is not something collected (Master and Medi...

LarsJ by Not applicable
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Jobs collection running slow

Anyone experiencer slow running job collection? Is there anything to speed up this collection? I seem to remember this process running faster in previous versions.

payners by Level 4
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