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report for full backup size and total time

Dears ,i have a exercise to enhace backup times so i want to have the below report schema to comapre it before and after enhancements , some thing like that one  geneated by nbdepoly utility .report schema : policy name , client , full backup size , ...

sa2 by Level 4
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Resolved! What's the difference between job size in Opscenter and Netbackup ?

Hello everyone,I don't understand why there is a difference between the job size shown in Opcenter, and the Kilobytes value in Netbackup ?For example, for the same job :From Opcenter, I can see that the job is complete and it's size is 11.502TB From ...

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panthony by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup licensing

Hi all,This is not a really a technical question but more on how to setup an alert email from OpsCenter. Is there any way to create an alert email to users/admin of netbackup for their netbackup licensing. I mean, the customer having TB license and t...

tarmizi by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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Need SQL query

Can someone Please help me with SQL Query to list below fields for Oracle (OIP and script based) backups.master server, Policy, Last_successfull backup,Total_streams,successful_streams,Parent_Job,Parent_status  

Updated Hardware Refresh steps for OpsCenter (specifically 8.0)

Ok, I just managed to accomplish a Hardware Refresh for OpsCenter 8.0.Most of the steps are the same as previous but there is one new step if you're also renaming the machine it's on.1) Install OpsCenter on the new machine2) Install any license keys ...

D_Flood by Level 6
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OC query to list all policies and number of clients in each policy

Hi Team I am looking for a SQL query in OC 7.7.3 to list all policies with number of clients in it.Soemthing with below columns  Master Server Name                              Policy Name                               Number of clients Anybody help ...

zach1 by Level 3
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Opscnter query to list SLP rention periods

Hi,I want to list SLP name along with its corresponding STUs & retention periods using opscenter query.Any assistance will be appriciated. Thank you

Dollypee by Moderator
   VIP    Certified
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Last Backup No Headers

I created a report in OpsCenter Analytics 8.0 that shows last backup time and client name.  It's a simple report that checks backups for last 24 hours and has 1 column with client name and another column with Job End Time.  When I export the report t...

bmaro by Level 4
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What does the values of `domain_Schedule.hasCalendarSched` stand for? I see three values: 0, 1 and (null). Does null mean False in this case?

Advanced Disk and Pure Disk Trending....

Does anybody have an opscenter report that tells you the following information based on master server and it's assigned media servers? Something like:master_server_1:....media_server_1: Total Usable Capacity, Current Space Available, Number of stored...

DPeaco by Moderator
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How to use more Memory during DB defragmentation?

Hi,our Opscenter DB size is about 100GB. The Problem is, if we do a DB defragmentation it needs nearly 24 hours, in which the Opscenter is not available. I looked in the Opscenter Tuning guide and is says that you have to resize the -ch option in the...

Sadfad by Level 3
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OpsCenter Analytics SNMP alert format changes?

Anybody know if it's possible to change the layout/format of the SNMP alerts that OCA sends out for (example) "backup finalized" alerting ?    I'd like, for example, to have Zenoss (my SNMP listener) create events based on a backup client hostname an...

Ops Center upgrade

Hi,I am not a veritas netbackup guy.We have netbackup which is out of support. Now i am going to upgrade. It looks tedious to me.So i came to know that first i should upgrade OpsCenter.i have some questions, if any one could help1. From where...

Tape report OpsCenter

Hi,I really need help creating a report showing me the following info from my tapes based on policyname or a part of a policy name:Client name, Retention Period, Expiration Date, SizeI would like a report that looks like the one under Netbackup Manag...

ekesa by Level 3
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creating a customize report in Opscenter

hi,I need to create the report for below customization but im not familiar with the setting. ( In Pie Chart)Can anyone help me on this ? or could sum1 provide the sql script1. Job status - same as Overview monitor2. Appliance status3. Master server S...

Din99 by Level 1
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What's new in NBU Ops Center 8.1

Greetings!I'm unable to find any release notes of OpsCenter for nbu 8.1Can you please point me to link where it may be found. (There is no info in NBU8.1 Release notes about OpsCenter)

AlChie by Level 4
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Resolved! Error 239 when running MSSQL policy through OpsCenter

Good day!We are faced with an incomprehensible problem for us:When starting any MSSQL database backup policy through OpsCenter, we get an error 239 in the NetBackup console, and the error window is completely empty. Backup policies are configured thr...

Kroxa by Level 3
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