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client backup report using opscenter

Level 3

Dears ,

i was asked to generate  a report for the logs of backup jobs for specified client during the last 1 year

can i genetrate report using opscenter , i would like it to include the status of jobs  , backup date

is there any custom script ?

Thanks in advance




Level 4

Yes it is possible to generate the report as you required. You can create custome report with maste server, media server, client, backup start date and end time, backup status etc. the only concern is that what is the time of data purge? check it from Settings > Configuration > Data Purge options. by default it saves the data for 220 days. So you can generate the report only for last 220 days. if you have not changed it for 365 days or more than 365 days.

Puneet Dixit