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migrate OPScenter to a new server

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Hello all, 

I want to migrate my ops-center server to a new server with another OS. It is now on Windows 2008 and it needs to go to a server with windows 2016. I cannot find a good document how to do this. Can anybody help to find the doc?

Netbackup version is 8.1.1




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Hi Rob,

Here you go.

I need to do this soon as well. Who ever does it first, reports back. What do you say?

Hello Riaan, 

Yes let's do that. Thanks for the article. 


The article doesn't say anything about the name of the server. 
It looks to me that I don't need to have the same hostname. Right?

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I didn't change name.  Old server Windows 2012R2 Std.  New server Wndows 2016 Std.  NetBackup OpsCenter v7.7.3.

1) take an OpsCenter DB backup

2) opsadmin stop

3) use NetBackup to backup that OpsCenter DB backup

4) eject server from domain

5) shutdown server

6) delete/destroy/erase server

7) install new Windows

8) patch server

9) join to domain

10) install OpsCenter Server - must be same version as earlier - must be same config as earlier, i.e. same drive letters for whatever you place especially

11) install NetBackup client

12) restore the previous OpsCenter DB backup to local disk inside OpsCenter server

13) then finally do an OpsCenter DB restore

14) enjoy a nice cup of tea


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I did this once a long time ago and changed the name but if posisble, I’d keep the name the same to reduce complexity

It is not always possible to keep the same name. The server will be hosted by an external company where I can't tell what the name will be. Maybe I just start with a fresh new OPS-center server and leave the history. I don't have much reports anyway.