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ops center Version unable to delete alerts

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I am having some issues with ops center, i am doing some alert testing with ops centre Version and  i have even created a problem on a server so that the ops centre will send an alert (aswell  i have purposely not fixed the problem on the server, as i wanted to receive further alerts for this same issue),  but it seems i only get one alert for the initial alert.

 I assigned the alert to me and then select clear the alert, the alert then moves from active to (showing as a cleared alert - but i was under the impression you should be able to delete the alert totally ?)  i cant find an option to do so ?

i believe this is the reason why further alerts are not received - ie ops centre thinks the issue is still being looked at, as the initial alert hasnt been deleted?

I need to setup alerting so that when we get issues, we will get further alerts until the issue is resolved.


Any feedback greatly appreciated



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What type of alert?