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ops center disk volume space low

Level 4


All master and media server are 5230 Appliances.  Media servers all have Deduplicatoin disk pools.  ver




In ops center there is alerting.  I want to setup alerting if a disk pool on an indiviual media server is low.  Say 18%.  I triedl Disk Volume Capacity alerting but that doesn't seem to watch the media servers.  It seems to report on the masters servers totoal availble disk space aka all media server combined.  Which would be fine if they all has a shared disk pool but each has its own.


Is there a way to get ops center to report on this.







Level 6

Just found there maybe a way to do this, but need some work (to find out how I get the event message):

"Manage" -> "Alert policies" -> "Alert Condition" -> "Open Storage" -> Attributes* -> Scope (for selecting servers, can be just a specific storage pool) -> Actions

* This is the section that I need to research more to get what are the messages in NBSL logs should there be a low diskspace. I guess enabling all "ERROR" or "WARNING" should capture it, but just not sure until I look into how NBSL events look like.