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opscenter analytics

Hello all,

i hav opscenter anaytics I need a customized report which contains all clients, policies, backup start time end time and average run time for backups. please help

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Try this

Try this one


NOM_DateDiff(domain_JobArchive.startTime, domain_JobArchive.endTime) as "JobDuration",
domain_JobArchive.clientName as 'Client',
domain_JobArchive.filesBackedUp as "Files",
domain_JobArchive.throughput as "Throughput",
domain_JobArchive.scheduleType as "Schedule Type",
domain_JobArchive.scheduleName as "ScheduleName",
domain_MasterServer.friendlyName as "MasterServer",
domain_JobArchive.policyType as "Policy Type",
domain_JobArchive.policyName as "Policy Name",
(domain_JobArchive.preSISSize)/1024 as "Protected",
adjust_timestamp(domain_JobArchive.startTime,14400000 ) as "Start Time",
adjust_timestamp(domain_JobArchive.endTime,14400000 ) as "End Time",
(domain_JobArchive.bytesWritten)/1024 as "KbytesWritten",
nb_JobBackupAttributesArchive.destStorageUnit as "Storage Unit"
from domain_JobArchive left outer join nb_JobArchive nb_JobArchive on domain_JobArchive.masterServerId = nb_JobArchive.masterServerId and domain_JobArchive.clientName = nb_JobArchive.clientName and = left outer join nb_JobArchive a1 on domain_JobArchive.masterServerId = a1.masterServerId and domain_JobArchive.clientName = a1.clientName and = left outer join nb_JobBackupAttributesArchive nb_JobBackupAttributesArchive on domain_JobArchive.masterServerId = a1.masterServerId and domain_JobArchive.clientName = a1.clientName and = AND a1.masterServerId = nb_JobBackupAttributesArchive.masterserverId and a1.clientName = nb_JobBackupAttributesArchive.clientName and = nb_JobBackupAttributesArchive.jobId inner join domain_Policy domain_Policy on domain_Policy.masterServerId = domain_JobArchive.masterServerId and = domain_JobArchive.policyName and domain_Policy.policyDomainName = domain_JobArchive.policyDomainName and domain_Policy.versionNo = domain_JobArchive.policyVersionNo inner join domain_MasterServer domain_MasterServer on = domain_JobArchive.masterServerId
where ( ( (domain_JobArchive.isValid = '1') AND (domain_JobArchive.filesBackedUp NOT IN (0 ) AND (domain_JobArchive.policyType NOT IN (-1, 34 )) AND (domain_JobArchive.type NOT IN (30, 31, 32, 33, 34 )) ) AND ( (domain_JobArchive.type IN (1, 0, 7, 6 )) ) ))
ORDER BY UPPER("domain_MasterServer"."friendlyName" ) ASC , "Start Time" ASC , "domain_JobArchive"."id" ASC

Hi Riaan, Just wondering, did

Hi Riaan,

Just wondering, did you create this query by custom report? On which OpsCenter version?

Joining syntax looks different.

I created it myself using

I created it myself using custom SQL query (i don't know SQL btw). My opscenter is