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opscenter report showing amount of data backed up and tapes used

Level 2

Hi, i have ops center analytics and i would like to get the following information in a report.


we have about 50 different customers in netbackup and i need to create indivdual reports for each.


I would like the reports to generate data for a group of policies that make up one customer.


so, for customer xyz which may include 10 different policies i need the following information every month:

amount of GB's or TB' backed up


All of our data is backed up to disk first then to tape.



I also need in this repot a listing of all tapes used for each customer. Each customer has their own volume pool.  I also need it, in some manner, to display the retentions of these tapes.  The reason i need this is because 1 month retentions are free, but anything over 1 month has a cost associated.


in my mind it would look somethign like this, or maybe it would need to be more than 1 report which is ok but 1 report would be awesome.

I dont expect the customer name to be listed anywhere other than in the title of the report.

protected data      # of tapes active or full  # of tapes with retention 0   # if taps with retention 1             # of tapes with retention N

80.45 TB                         121                                       12                                       34                                                       23


make sense?  i REALLY hope someone can help me out!