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opscenter server: Master servers partially connected

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Opscenter server version:

OS version: Win2k8R2 Enter x64

Issue: Data collection Failed for: Scheduled Jobs, Retention Level


I presently have 3 master servers connected to my opscenter environment. Recently all 3 servers are showing partially connected: Data collection Failed for: Scheduled Jobs, Retention Level 

I had tried disabling and re-enabling data collections, but issues persisted. Closer look shows following errors applicables to all the 3 master server

Data collection has failed because of unknown reason

Please advice






Level 6

Looks to me like the below ref TN will applicable for your issue..

Are vmware policies configured for these 3 Master servers then please verify below solution


Review your "backup host" and check that has the opscenter server hostname is added as an additonal server.

On the master server > host properties > clients
> double click the name of your "backup host" for vmware
> servers
> additional servers
> Add...
the name of your opscenter server


Level 5

You will have to check the performance of your OpsCenter server. My guess is its resources are being used heavily to do the data collection. You will have to tune the heap values. Make sure you go through the OpsCenter Server and Client logs on the opscenter server.

Level 3

What is the error shown in OpsCenter Data Collection Status screen under "Last Exception Message" column for failed type of data collection? 

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I have added opscenter hostname to all the backup hosts and also apply the neccessary opscenter tunning procedure. At the moment, my opscenter server have dedicated 60GB RAM apart from OS and 32 sockets CPU. CPU usage is on 3% at most. Error still perssisted with these settings.

Adityas, I do not see "Last Exception Message" under Data Collection Status. But error is display under policy & schedules column as " Data collection has failed because of unknown reason"



Level 3

You can find the "Last Exception Message" under 

Monitor (Overview) --> NetBackup Data Collection --> Select the "Data Collection Status" tab.

OpsCenter writes some error message that could lead to some troubleshooting.

If the failure reason has shown as "unknown" then we will have to rais it to support to analyze it further with proper evidences.