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total data backup in a month

Hii , 

my requirement is provide total data back up in month since Jan to June 2015. I do opscenter analytics. please guide me how to get this report.


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Protected / Written Report

Protected / Written Report per Policy Type per Day

COALESCE(CAST(SUM(domain_JobArchive.bytesWritten)/1024.0/1024.0/1024.0 AS NUMERIC (20,2)), 0) AS 'Written (GB)',
COALESCE(CAST(SUM(domain_JobArchive.preSISSize)/1024.0/1024.0/1024.0 AS NUMERIC (20,2)), 0) AS 'Pre Dedup Size (GB)',
COALESCE(CAST((sum(domain_JobArchive.preSISSize) - sum (domain_JobArchive.bytesWritten))/sum(domain_JobArchive.preSISSize)*100 AS NUMERIC(20,2)),0) as "Dedupe %",
DATEFORMAT(cast(UTCBigintToNOMTime(domain_JobArchive.endTime) as DATETIME), 'yyyy-mm-dd') as myDateTime,
domain_JobArchive.policyType as "Policy Type", as 'Job Type'
FROM domain_JobArchive, lookup_JobType, WHERE'Backup'
AND domain_JobArchive.policyType NOT IN (-1)
AND DATEDIFF(month,UTCBigIntToNomTime(domain_JobArchive.endTime), GETDATE()) <= 1
group by "MyDateTime", "Policy Type", "name" order by "MyDateTime"