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using ccsvc.BackupSubJob.backupSubJobSize AS "Job_Size" in VBR 6.5

I have inherited a process that depends heavily on custom tables generated from an export of data in the VBR database.  I have noticed inconsistancies the use of Job size.

When I use the VBR web interface and generate a custom table then compare it to my extract from ccsvc.BackupSubJob.backupSubJobSize AS "Job_Size" Is see a factor of 341.33332....  I can compared many job and this factor appears consistant.  Can someone I explain the factor?  I have searched and could not find anything that explains it. 

Otherwise could someone please explain an alternative method on how I am supposed to calulate the Job size properly.  I know that we sum(ccsvc.BackupSubJob.backupSubJobSize AS "Job_Size") by Job_Group_ID to get the total per job.

Thanks in advnce.



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Do you have a little more

Do you have a little more detail as to what you are looking for? backupsubjobsize is the entry for backup size. Can you show me your custom report you are running and I can try and help you out.


Thanks for your reponse.  It

Thanks for your reponse.  It was determined that BackupJobSize is stored in KBytes (binary). So my calculation to convert that number to TBytes is to use the formula (BackupJobSize / 1073741824).