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what happens to ops center if I remove the media server software on A Windows 2008 client that has both ops center and media server software installed ?

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Hello Everyone, 

                        I've got a server dedicated to Ops center. The thing is that for some reason it's got the media server software installed on it and I want to get ride of it. 

My concern is that the media server removal might affect ops center somehow, I know both software products are sepparated but I don't know what happens if I remove the media server software from the ops center server. 

I'm running Netbackup 7.0.1 on the master server and Netbackup 6.5.6 on the Media server which is not being used as a media server... that's why we want the ops center installed on the server only.


Thanks in Advance.


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I never tried, But I guess this will effect Opscenter,

I think you need to reinstall Opscenter



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Thanks for your reply man!


That's not good! I guess I'll have to open a case with Symantec to confirm... it's weird though, because the media server software was installed in 2010 while ops center was installed in 2012 ....

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Just guessing, but uninstalling the media server software also probably uninstalled PBX or JRE. That would be required for OpsCenter to run. 

I can't find the docs now, but I remember at one point that the OpsCenter (or maybe it was just the older VBR) server had to have the NetBackup client software installed.  The server software includes the client as well, so that could be another thing: just try installing the 7.0.1 client on the OpsCenter server and see if it works again.  If not, a reinstall of the OpsCenter server should work, and you can restore your OpsCenter database from the backup.

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Yes, please ensure your make a backup copy of your database, prior to any work.

./installpath/OpsCenter/Server/bin/dbackup <backup_path>

Example:   dbbackup D:\dbbackup\

Once complete, feel free to run the uninstall... but as Ron stated, this will effect PBX, and you will likely need to run a repair or a clean reinstall of OpsCenter.

If you have any questions, please let me know.