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A new $4,600 benefit to Symantec specialist partners

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That's right, the annual subscription fee to access the PartnerAssist program has been waived for any Symantec Specialist or Master Specialist partners who sign up prior to March 31, 2012.  Act now by contacting  to qualify for this special offer. Symantec partners face high expectations for IT service delivery and increasingly complex projects. We find that customers are demanding more of their partners due to severe budget constraints and cost controls. The Symantec PartnerAssist program gives you expertise to build a solution, expedite a reliable initial deployment and transfer knowledge to our partners.

Symantec PartnerAssist  program provides a shorter time to value, and provides access to the experience, best practices and expertise of Symantec that achieve a faster and successful implementation, resulting in one less challenge for partners in this difficult economy. These services will also be valuable for new product releases where your company might still be developing delivery maturity.

Check out the attached FAQ for complete program details.

The Symantec PartnerAssist Program is for partners who sell and deliver Symantec based Consulting Services. The program's broad portfolio of benefits is available to all qualified Symantec Consulting Services partners to achieve success throughout the entire lifecycle of service delivery.

Symantec offers remote resources and tools to help partners identify top-line revenue opportunities and select the right service offering for their business model. Symantec’s PartnerAssist Program is an annual subscription which provides assistance and a range of additional entitlements. Our program focused on improving each partner’s ability to deliver solutions that are based on reliable, scalable and accessible choices for capitalizing on information and optimizing business outcomes.

The benefits available include support to help you and your delivery staff envision the services you want to deliver, build your capabilities, to deliver services to your customers.

The program:

  • Provides remote services to assist partners by reviewing aspects of partner delivery of services to customers.
  • It has been developed to provide partners with access to additional skills to help partners with field issues during or pre/post solution delivery for critical accounts.
  • Grants access to additional Symantec intellectual property, which includes webcasts, solution journals, and advisory guides.
  • Delivers expert assistance on solutions design and implementation advice. Our consultants work with you to ensure every aspect of a solution, including configuration and the surrounding network, meet your business goals for your customers.

Symantec’s PartnerAssist Program is committed to providing assistance remotely. We can help develop solutions for your customers and build your existing capabilities, and help you to maximize the business value of your Symantec products with your customers. Our primary focus is to build your knowledge and specializations in Symantec licensed software by providing tools, resources and solution design assistance. The Symantec PartnerAssist Program portfolio provides you with deeper expertise and innovative solutions through a portfolio of flexible offerings designed to allow you to deliver world class services to your customers.

Review the attached Service Catalog for the comprehesive list of offerings in the PartnerAssist Program.