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BACKUP EXEC 16 (Possibilities are Endless)

                                          Backup Exec 16(Possibilities are Endless)

When you think about Veritas BE16 it just not only a b/up & restore product. The posiibilities are far more greater then you think. some of the built in feature not only allows you to build your DR options but allows you to use it for the compliance purposes with respect to b/ups.

                                                           With the environemnt changing and more people moving to Cloud the built in connectors allows to move the data directly to the cloud. Flexibilty is the hallmark of BE16 with respect to the storage one can use. No need of getting tied up with the specific storage from the vendors as it gives options to b/up data to tape,disk,cloud,3rd pary appliances.

                                  And it does not stop here. with BE16 deduplication technology one can not only save on the storage cost but can apply different strategy from client , media server or compatible 3rd party appliance side deduplication.

                       VMs are part of most of the organization worldover and some of the most important application are running on these VMs and they cannot afford to have downtime. With the IR feature they can protect it within minutes.

- Girish Sharma ( Technical Specialist )