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Backup Exec Technical Support - Partner Newsletter - 3rd Edition - June 2017

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Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.38.50 AM.pngHi Partners,

Welcome to the third newsletter from the Backup Exec Support Team - everything you need to know about all things Technical Support and to show you how your feedback is helping to drive service and product improvements. If you’d like to submit an article or focus on a specific topic, please let us know.




CSAT and Escalation Improvements

As you’ve heard in Newsletter 1 and Newsletter 2, we’re continually striving to improve your support experience and seek your feedback as your opinion is extremely important to us. Veritas surveys approximately 45 percent of customers who have closed a technical support case and having accomplished 6 continuous months of Overall Satisfaction being >80% - we’ve now achieved 9 months. Escalations continue to remain low at 1% of the global monthly volume.


BE Protected: Don’t be held ransom

The threat of ransomware – malware that holds data ‘hostage’ by encrypting it and extorting money in exchange for its ‘release’ – is rising rapidly in both size and intensity, with organizations of all sizes becoming casualties of this criminal trend in recent months. But while all businesses are potential targets, the smaller the business, the greater the risk. Indeed, many smaller concerns have found their very existences under threat following ransomware incidents.

Veritas’ strategy protects against ransomware in three stages: Educate, Secure and Backup

Learn more: Ransomware: Are you Protected?


Backup Exec 16 Feature Pack 1 is now GA

A good thing just got better: Backup Exec 16 FP1. This new version brings automated Disaster Recovery testing with Recovery Ready, Instant Recovery 2.0 for Virtual Machines, support for Amazon S3 Infrequent Access storage, additional Private Cloud storage, adds support for NetApp ONTAP 9.0 & vSphere 6.0 Update 3.

Backup Exec is also now available on the Azure marketplace. supporting IT plans to deploy the newest critical infrastructure and applications. Users also gain productivity with an enhanced and optimized UI that improves cloud storage configuration and management.

Find out more out the key capabilities offered in our latest release, Backup Exec FP1:


Partner Event - BE Summit 2017-06-14

The Backup Exec Summit was held in Opio, France May 22 – 24 as part of the Veritas Partner University. Forty-six of the top Backup Exec partners across 20 countries attended the summit to learn what’s new with Veritas and Backup Exec and share their feedback and success with the Backup Exec community.

The Backup Exec Summit armed partners with best practices and sales strategies to minimize downtime threats, transition to the cloud, and protect the mobile workforce. It also provided a sneak peek on what’s coming for Backup Exec:

  • Simplified pricing and licensing with subscription licensing
  • Improved performance and reduced cost with deduplication to cloud
  • Support for Office 365 and other SaaS workloads
  • Integration with Veritas InfoMap for 360° visibility
  • Support for cloud marketplaces

Partners were excited about the huge opportunity Backup Exec provides in the market by taking the Backup Exec team’s strategy of “BE Easy, BE Loud, and BE Cloud” to the next level and leaving competition behind.

Partner Training Events - Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore

A Three City Veritas Partner training was conducted for our partners and an overwhelming response was seen in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore respectively.

The training was conducted on Veritas Backup Exec.



  • 85% of the attendees rated the event above expectation
  • 94.6% of the attendees are confident to position Veritas to their End Customers
  • 89% of the attendees would like to attend such similar sessions in the future


Overall Feedback

“Most of the Partners found the event to be a good platform for knowledge sharing. They also want to gain experience in hands-on product training”.

Upcoming Events

Backup Exec Community Update Conf Call

Thursday 6th July, 3pm GMT +1


  • Backup Exec 16 FP1 & FP2 overview
  • Support for Office 365 and other SaaS workloads
  • OpenDedup - Deduplication to cloud
  • Backup Exec First Veritas product on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  • Customer/Partner Campaigns

Veritas Quick Assist

VQA has just been updated with VQA Viewer made public for the first time. VQA Viewer performs analytics on the data and creates multiple general views and many customizable views for different Veritas products which can be used to quickly troubleshoot issues. Other recent updates include adding VXGather logs to the collection and Traditional Chinese Language integration.

Veritas Support Portal – Release Highlights June 2017

With your ongoing feedback and our promise to enhance the Customer experience we continue to make great progress on the replacement of the Veritas Support Portal and this month’s release includes the following:

  • New Search Engine to provide more accurate retrieval of relevant support content
  • Improved access to and readability of Product Documentation
  • Simplified Product Naming to improve navigation
  • Additional usability and functionality features will be added in upcoming releases
  • Full details are here

End of Support Life (EOSL)

BE 2010 / 2012

Backup Exec 2010 and 2012 are now past the End of Support Life dates.  This means that you can no longer open a support case for Backup Exec versions 2010 or 2012.   Appliances that where originally shipped with either Backup Exec 2010 or 2012 are also past the End of Support Life date even if they have been upgraded to a newer version of Backup Exec.  If you are still using Backup Exec 2010 and would like to upgrade to Backup Exec 16 you can use the Backup Exec Migration Assistant to move the database, catalogs and media from a Backup Exec 2010 server to another server that is running a new installation of Backup Exec 16.  Best Practices for using the Backup Exec Migration Assistant can be found here.   Customers with a valid license for Backup Exec 16 can open a support case for assistance moving from Backup Exec 2010 to Backup Exec 16. 

Backup Exec 2014 Agent for Enterprise Vault

Backup Exec 2014 is still supported.  However, the versions of Enterprise Vault supported by the Backup Exec 2014 Agent for Enterprise Vault are now also past the End of Support Life dates.  This means that you can no longer open a support case for issues related to using the Backup Exec 2014 Agent for Enterprise Vault.

Discontinued Products


BE Central Admin Server (CASO) and BE Advanced Disk Based Option (ADBO) are discontinued products. They are still supported.  For submitting cases, “CASO / ADBO are considered part of the BE core.

For now, CASO is sold as part of the Enterprise Server Option (which also includes Shared Storage Option and Advanced Disk Based Option) and ADBO is sold as part of Enterprise Server Option. 

Customers can neither purchase or readily identify specific functionality as “CASO / “ADBO” 

With the next major release of Backup Exec, this functionality will be included in either the middle and/or highest of the three levels of licensing customers can purchase. 

BE Agent for Enterprise Vault

BE Agent for Enterprise Vault is a discontinued product.  Backup Exec no longer supports backing up Enterprise Vault since all the versions of EV that were once supported are now EOSL.   Cases should not be submitted against this “component”.


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