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Backup Exec Technical Support - Partner Newsletter - 4th Edition - December 2017

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Hi Partners,

Welcome to the fourth newsletter from the Backup Exec Support Team - everything you need to know about all things Technical Support and to show you how your feedback is helping to drive service and product improvements. If you’d like to submit an article or focus on a specific topic, please let us know.





Support Improvements

As you’ve heard in the previous newsletters we’re continually striving to improve your support experience and seek your feedback as your opinion is extremely important to us.

Veritas surveys approximately 45 percent of customers who have closed a technical support case and the BE Team is extremely pleased to report that you’ve consistently rated >80% for Overall Satisfaction for 12 months now. Escalations continue to remain low at 1% of the global monthly volume.


BE AWSome! Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

Veritas Backup Exec is now available on AWS Marketplace to deliver superior data protection capabilities to organizations leveraging AWS infrastructure – accelerating cloud migration and improving management of applications and data in hybrid cloud environments. Backup Exec is offered in AWS as “Bring Your Own License,” meaning that Veritas partners continue to earn margin by selling license and renewals. 

Read more:  Click to tweetarticle-body-BE-on-AWS-UDP.png

BE How to… Azure Videos

A picture paints a thousand words, but a Video Shows a Thousand Pictures – what better way to help Customers deploy and configure an Azure deployment than with these new videos we’ve created. We’ve already identified more video’s that we intend to produce but if you have any preferences please let us know.

Title: How to Deploy Backup Exec from Azure Marketplace



Title: How to configure Backup Exec to use Azure cloud storage



BE Protected: Don’t be held ransom

The threat of ransomware – malware that holds data ‘hostage’ by encrypting it and extorting money in exchange for its ‘release’ – is rising rapidly in both size and intensity, with organizations of all sizes becoming casualties of this criminal trend in recent months. But while all businesses are potential targets, the smaller the business, the greater the risk. Indeed, many smaller concerns have found their very existences under threat following ransomware incidents.

Veritas’ strategy protects against ransomware in three stages: Educate, Secure and Backup

Learn more: Ransomware: Are you Protected?

Backup Exec Subscription is now GA

More and more organizations are turning to the cloud to support their digital transformation efforts, with Software as a Service (SaaS) and private cloud usage both being above 40 percent, according to IDC. At the same time, data will continue to be spread across virtual, physical, and cloud environments increasing data protection complexity. As organizations of all sizes migrate their data and workloads to the cloud, they face major challenges, including an inability to visualize and protect their data on-premises and in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

  • In a game-changing move to address these challenges, Veritas is excited to announce the release of our new Backup Exec offering - Veritas Backup Exec Subscription, which as of November 6th is now generally available, as well as a public preview of the integration of Veritas Information Map with Backup Exec. These new offerings simplify the customer buying experience. They are designed to help customers embrace and adopt the cloud with ease, building on our market-leading cloud capabilities to accelerate the customer journey to the cloud with truly unified Backup and Recovery for virtual, physical, and cloud:
  • Protect workloads across any cloud or location to maximize IT investments and increase flexibility with Backup Exec’s support for all market-leading public cloud solutions
  • Lower storage costs with the ability to backup and archive directly to scalable, cost-effective, secure Azure and Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier storage
  • Eliminate redundant data, reduce network usage and storage requirements resulting in faster, more efficient backups, thanks to our market leading data deduplication to cloud
  • Automatically detect and correct variations in backup settings to optimize network bandwidth with CloudConnect Optimizer
  • Easily deploy Backup Exec in the cloud with our availability on the AWS and Azure marketplaces

Want to find out more? Go to: Backup Exec Subscription Website

Arming Backup Exec customers with global data visibility

The new Information Map[1] integration is in Public Preview and available as part of Information Map in the coming quarters, will provide Backup Exec customers with an interactive, real-time view of their unstructured data assets. In addition to visualizing data being protected by Backup Exec, customers that also hold an Information Map entitlement will be able to take advantage of Information Map’s connectors to visualize data across 23 data sources for both on-premises and cloud-based data storage repositories.

Based on this new level of intelligence, customers can make more informed storage decisions, identify areas of risk and make better choices about what data to retain, migrate or delete. This integration will also help customers meet and comply with stringent data privacy regulations around the world, including the European Union’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Want to find out more? Go to

VOX – Veritas Open Exchange

Find Answers. Share Insights. Make Decisions. If you’re looking for anything related to Backup Exec then check out VOX, from blogs, articles and downloads to forums and previous versions of this Newsletter - it’s all there on VOX.

Veritas Quick Assist

VQA has just been updated with support for BE20 and Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO). VQA Viewer was made public for the first time recently. VQA Viewer performs analytics on the data and creates multiple general views and many customizable views for different Veritas products which can be used to quickly troubleshoot issues.

Veritas Support Portal – Where is the content? Why am I getting a 404?

Due to a system migration, many article URLs are returning a 404 error, meaning "content not found". There are two main causes:

  1. The majority of the "How-To" documents were actually extracts of content from product documentation. Since all documentation is now available in the Document Repository, these How-To documents were redundant. Therefore, the decision was made to not migrate them to the new system. Unfortunately, it was not possible to create redirects for these documents. Therefore, if you search on /Support for the old Article ID, or if you enter a URL with the old Article ID, you will get a 404 error.
  2. We are also having difficulties getting Google to "catch up" with the changes that were made to the content. So Google still thinks those URLs are valid and presents them to users who search on Google. Clicking on one of these results will also lead to a 404.

All of that said, the content is actually available on Support. It is in the Documentation section. To find it, search for the title of the old Article. This will be the same as the title presented on Google, if you found it that way. In the majority of situations, you will find what you are seeking.

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[1] Veritas Information Map is a chargeable product