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Customers Are On Cloud 9 With Help From Symantec Partner Forsythe Solutions Group

Whether it’s a private cloud, public cloud or somewhere in between, Forsythe Solutions Group, a Symantec Platinum Partner, helps its customers benefit from cloud technologies—and Symantec storage and high availability management products play an important role in the solutions. In order to meet its customer’s ever-increasing storage challenges head on, Forsythe leverages Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 with its powerful deduplication capabilities, monitoring tools, and ease of integration with virtual environments.
In addition, Forsythe’s customers’ cloud deployments aren’t limited to Symantec storage management technologies and tools to manage complicated application environments; it extends to Symantec data backup and data protection technologies, which is increasingly being delivered via the cloud. So if you’re looking to mix and match different technologies—from different operating systems, different servers to interdependent services, and more—and need a comprehensive management console for the whole environment that provides more resiliency for your business and gets you to market more quickly, read more about this partner success story