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Fujitsu and Veritas – The Data Protection Dream Team

Level 0

I've always loved soccer. The fire. The passion. The excitement. But like most things, there’s more to it than meets the eye. There's a lot going on behind the scenes of a soccer match. Far more than I could ever hope to understand in detail. For me, it's this hidden complexity that gives the beautiful game its depth, its magic, its attraction. Sure, you can casually watch 22 players run around for 90 minutes, cheering and booing as required. But it's what's behind the scenes that really intrigues me. And the same can be said of my line of work. I might summarize my job as simply finding data protection solutions for businesses. But of course, it's far more than that.

A Game of Two Halves

20181108_083211064_iOS.jpgThe best approach to data protection is a bit like how my favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona, approach winning a match: a team effort. And at Veritas, we've partnered with Fujitsu to provide customers with exactly that.

For us, it's about understanding what makes each business different and using our complementary technologies to meet customer needs. The first, and arguably most important, the step we take is to listen, evaluate and help classify the customer data and its interdependencies. Only then can we propose the right mix of reliability and cost to meet any potential risks that might befall a business. Solutions don’t always have to be complex. But considering the whole picture is vital.

Anticipation's the name of the game.

Any star soccer player will tell you that anticipation is key. Like an opposition shot on your goal, risks to data can come from anywhere. In complex modern environments, new threats are developing every day. It’s not just the forces of nature you need to watch out for. It’s a virus and ransomware attacks as well.

Most businesses understand the physical and virtual risks out there and have plans in place for this. But one risk is often overlooked: human error.

The impact of an internal error on access and downtime can be significant. And it can cause more chaos than you might think. When service went down for Softbank and O2 in December 2018, it didn’t just affect regular communications across several countries. Today, we rely on our phones to check travel, book tickets, access our wallets and more. Our lives are intrinsically linked to data. When we suddenly can’t access it, it can disrupt our whole lifestyle.

And, of course, this risk is unpredictable. Protecting businesses from it requires a robust recovery procedure and strict processes. At Veritas, our experience gives us an edge in matching systems like replication or back up. So, we can mitigate this risk where possible.

Practice Makes Perfect

Fujitsu1.PNGWorld-class soccer players, like my hero, Zico, are always reviewing their performance and looking to improve. Businesses should be no different – reviewing their continuity plans and staying up to date with the latest threats. Just because you’ve spread the locations of your data centers to limit, say, a hurricane threat, doesn’t mean you’ll be safe from all potential risks.

So, it’s clear a multi-faceted approach is the best. Things can be tough for businesses, as they fight across multiple fronts to manage malicious attacks, natural disasters and increases in their own workforce autonomy and collaboration. Veritas and Fujitsu work hard to keep them safe and help them stay on top of their game for many years to come.