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Great Article: How to Avoid the Top 6 IT Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Hi Everyone,

Here’s a great article from our own Blake McConnell, Product Manager for Symantec Security.  He outlines the Top 6 IT Mistakes for Small Businesses and shows how to better protect your clients with good backup and security.

You may have to register for the site to the see the article.  Here’s a small excerpt:

“It used to be that small business people did not have to worry about being computer experts or IT savvy, but this time has come and gone. Today, anyone owning, running or working in small business must be as smart about IT as they are about business. This is easier said than done.

By knowing what common IT pitfalls other small businesses have made, you can be better prepared to avoid them yourself. The following tips will help small businesses avoid common IT security and data protection mistakes.”

Here’s another article from Blake titled: “What You Need To Do To Recover from a Malware Attack”


Jordan Pusey