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How to Market Yourself

Level 4
I am sharing this post from my friends at MSP Mentor ( The site's Editor Joe Panettieri posted this advice.

When I picked up my local newspaper this morning, I noticed an article titled “How to Market Yourself As An Expert.” The opinion piece included nine tips. And the tips certainly apply to multiple markets — including managed services. Here’s a look.

Here are the tips…

  1. Teach a class/host a webinar
  2. Write a special report/white paper
  3. Write a column
  4. Write and article
  5. Get third-party endorsements
  6. Write an e-zine or newsletter
  7. Write a book
  8. Participate in social media
  9. Get speaking gigs

Sure, that’s a very basic list. But here’s the key question: How are your writing and communication skills? Every tip, it seems, depends heavily on your ability to (A) write and/or (B) engage an audience. Here is the link to the rest of this article.

And I'll add that Communities like this one are a great resource for you to contribute columns, papers and articles. And certainly to stay active in a focused social network of like-minded professionals.