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Is your company name listed on Symantec Partnernet locator?

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Partner Accredited

Hi All,

There has been instances that end clients are not able to locate partners on Symantec partner net Portal

So have you all checked whether your Company’s name has been listed on

It is vital information that a partner needs to check.

It does add value to your business and is essential for all partners and effective for end clients to choose partners.

Partner locator does give information about partner contact details, partner level (Registered, Silver, Gold or Specialist, Distributor & Global Strategic partners) and what specialisation  and master specialisation they have achieved.

Steps for Symantec partner to get Listed on Partner net

1         Login to

2         Enter your Login Credentials.

3         Once logged in, select   Overview (Select the drop down next to your name – top right corner)

4         Under your Company Overview, select Partner Locator Setup

       Under Partner Locator Settings, there are 4 options that you can select to list your company in Partner Locator Portal –

  • Display My Company in Partner Locator
  • Display All information
  • Display Company Image or Logo
  • Company Overview Description– Write up on business expertise and solutions expertise or company information. Max 2000 characters

*Unless these options are not ticked, even if you are registered for the partner Program, your company details will not appear in partner locator

I would strongly recommend  all partners to be a part of it and if you are not listed, get yourself enrolled today itself