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Happy New Year, Partners! Here's a fresh opportunity to recommit yourself and/or your company to efforts on social channels. And if there’s one place your company should have a social presence, it’s on LinkedIn. This channel keeps it strictly business…no pictures of what your colleague had for breakfast or their kid’s first birthday party (not that I'm against eating or celebrating!).

Chances are you already have a personal LinkedIn account – along with 175 million other users on the site. This week, I’ll share three easy, no-cost steps to help increase your company’s visibility on the site.

1. Create or update the LinkedIn page for your company.
If you don’t yet have a LinkedIn page for your company, create one – it doesn’t take that long and provides free online real estate for your company where others who are like-minded are already networking.

Or if you have a company page and haven’t reviewed it in a while, take a few moments to look at it and update any old information. What a great New Year’s resolution!

Your company page is your central hub on LinkedIn, so be sure to:

  • Write an informative and compelling description
  • Add keywords within the specialty section
  • Pick your industry
  • List your location
  • Link to your RSS feeds if applicable

2. Be creative in how you highlight your company’s products and opportunities.
At the top of your company’s page, there are tabs for Careers, Products and Insights. On the products tab, the information doesn’t have to be strictly product related. You can highlight a free trial of your product or service, or a whitepaper download for example. Be imaginative! This can really drive the conversion rate on your page as well.

3. Update your company’s status regularly with interesting updates.
For those that follow your company and use LinkedIn regularly, this is a great way of giving them the freshest information possible. When you provide updates, they’ll appear in your follower’s feed and provide exposure to any number of your initiatives, like:

  • Holding a contest
  • Hosting a webcast
  • Sharing data that’s valuable to your audience

Obviously, there are more options to each of the steps I’ve covered above, and our team is just getting started on our own Symantec Partners company page (which you can find here). Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how you can reinvigorate your social efforts this New Year, and as time goes on, I'll continue to share tips and hints for how you can take your LinkedIn presence to the next level.

A question for you – does your company use LinkedIn today? If so, what valuable tip would you recommend?


Next week: Google+…how is it different from the other social channels? Why should I care?

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