NEW webinar for Partners: content syndication to enhance your Veritas sales


Don't miss this Content Syndication Webinar to Enhance your Veritas Sales!

Join us on 20 June 2017 to learn about the new Veritas web content and social syndication tools.

This informative webinar, including live demos, will show you how you can display the latest Veritas product content, images, promotions, videos and downloadable collateral on your website, automatically syndicated in real time.

It will also highlight how to enhance engagement with customers via your social media channels and maximize campaign effectiveness. You'll discover how social media can be used to increase sales leads and help you become the leading source for Veritas content.web content syndication webinar article_May voice.jpg


  • Both syndication platforms are FREE for our partners
  • Web syndication allows Veritas products to display on your website – leading to more sales!
  • Social Syndication enables you to connect with customers by publishing social media content from Veritas via your own social networks
  • Veritas has support service through the APJ Partner Marketing Centre, to help you register and maximise both syndication platforms

So don’t delay – register to the web content and social syndication webinar on Tuesday 20 June 2017 and learn how to enhance your Veritas sales.