Net Backup Co-Pilot Feature

NetBackup Co-pilot Feature

(Dump & Sweep Method)

Oracle DBA’s dumping the data to NFS share and allowing NBU to sweep it the problem of visibility was very prevalent as once the data gets into the NBU they were purely as file and the sync with RMAN was lost.

               NBU Co-Pilot feature solves this by moving the NFS share on the NBU appliance itself and the RMAN is kept in sync throughout the data life cycle. So as the data is moved from NFS share to other storage such as MSDP, advance disk, tape drive etc. the DB is catalogued as Oracle DB.

              Another advantage of the co-pilot feature is it removes the possibility of double data move across the Network. Since the first landing spot is the NFS share which is on appliance itself data travels only once from the oracle server to NBU appliance so no dragging of data across the n/w twice which used to be in traditional way and same for the restore. When the request comes for restore data travels once from the NFS share to oracle server, even if it is moved from NFS share to other storage for long time retention it is still catalogued as oracle database.


-Girish Sharma(Technical Specialist)