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NetBackup Self Service 9.0 and NetBackup Self Service plug-in 1.2


In March 2021, Veritas released the latest version of NetBackup Self Service 9.0, it is compatible with all currently supported versions of NetBackup, as well as the current versions of the mobile app and the VMware Cloud Director plugin. This release builds on empowering users to self-serve common backup and restore requests while providing automation and control to IT for Enterprises and Service Providers.


 New Features and Enhancements for NetBackup Self Service

  • Exclude policy from SLA: A new option has been added to exclude the protected clients that have no backups from triggering an attention alert state by the traffic light system.
  • VMware Cloud Director import improvement: New VMware Cloud Director 10.2 APIs are used to improve import performance.
  • Installation and configuration improvements: The Install wizard now provides access to the API connection string. This new option provides easy access through the user interface to update the API connection details, login credentials, and set the required authentication.
  • Retention Periods with end dates beyond 2038: This change provides greater flexibility for users who want longevity for their backups. The maximum retention period is now extended to the year 3000.
  • Enhanced Security is supported with UNIX or Linux NetBackup master servers: This release adds support for additional Key Exchange Algorithms to allow for more secure communications.
  • Additional Enhancements: Support for VMware Cloud Director 10.1, improved VMware Cloud Director import messaging on partial success and failure. Additionally, there is improved telemetry between NetBackup and NetBackup Self Service, and support for SQL Server 2019 (and removal of support for SQL Server 2012).

 NetBackup Self Service plug-in 1.2 for VMware Cloud Director

Alongside NetBackup Self Service 9.0, Veritas released NetBackup Self Service plug-in 1.2 for VMware Cloud Director, which now provides support for VMware Cloud Director (vCD) 10.1.

The NSS vCD plugin is targeted at service provider customers of NetBackup who manage virtual infrastructure on behalf of many end customers using vCD. The plug-in further embeds NetBackup into a customer’s tool portfolio.

NetBackup Self Service (NSS) has always provided support for vCD as it aligns well with the multi-tenant nature and self-service ethos of vCD, the latest version of the NSS Cloud Director plug-in enables and enhances both these aspects.

As the vCD portal opens-up to allow users to interact with 3rd party systems, there is an expectation that this interaction should include backup and restore activities, which is a natural fit for the lifecycle of vCD objects (i.e., VMs, vApp or vDC). 

The plug-in enables a user to perform backup and restore activities without leaving the vCD portal by leveraging the NSS features with regard to Cloud Director. The plug-in follows vCD guidelines on scope and UX.

A tenant can perform the following actions on vCD objects:

  1. Protect, Unprotect, Backup Now, Restore VM, and Restore File (not all actions are available on all objects; e.g., file restore is not applicable to a vDC)
  2. Agentless file restore is supported and a dashboard with the familiar traffic lights and usage information is available in the vCD portal.



 NetBackup Self Service is included with the NetBackup Complete Edition and can be downloaded from the Veritas Downloads Center.


Jon Hunt, Biomni, Veritas VIPJon Hunt, Biomni, Veritas VIPJon Hunt leads Global Consulting for Biomni who work with the Veritas Product Management team in designing and promoting NetBackup Self Service. Jon has over 30 years of experience in providing self-service, integration and automation solutions for many varied clients around the world. He specialises in providing self-service solutions which are easy to use for complex operations. Jon has been recognized as an industry leader in the VOX Community and is part of the Veritas Information Professional (VIP) program. Outside of work, Jon is a keen triathlete and volunteer marshal at sporting events.

VOX: @JonHunt
Twitter: @jonriderhunt