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New Symantec support portal & tickets systems - LOSS HISTORY

I believe this is not only concerning my EMM part, but overall Symantec partners & customers, using the Symantec support.

From Monday 29th October, the Symantec Support ticketing were switching to another system.

Force all existing tickets to switch a new number... Well, I assume a better transition would be to avoid such change on existing. But I am sure this kind of system migration; get a lot of difficulties to manage. So, OK for that, we can understand.

But when to get back history access: No way, all existing tickets vanished, all the same migrated a new number... 

On the start, we can believe it will be only for new case or initial creation. I create one, populate all fields, and try to get the "ticket number" and the "message" I was populating. 

BUT NO WAY, no access any more, no email confirmation, and no History ACCESS ... 

That is now exactly like the "customer support", where you can select any of the 2 proposed menus: Create Case or Manage Case,

You always fall down the same "creation" screen below, no chance to update any existing history this way, any more. We were already losing the ability to use the Support portal to upload any files (Some time useful to provide logs, configs, docs to support, isn't it?), now it is history vanishing.

That is not exactly what I call a "progression", but more a "regression"...

I just hope this is just a temporary transition...

I feel the EMM Symantec Altiris support quality was going a little bit down this year, and I see now this regression of the My.Symantec Support portal.

Useless to tell you I am not satisfied. angry



I also ask Symantec Support to concentrate the 2 to 3 problems, or more..., we can have on an Altiris platform, after an upgrade for example, to get a SINGLE CONTACT, all the same multiple tickets. This is just to earn time for all:

  • Customers/Partners (not 3 webex & 3 times upload same logs...)
  • Symantec support: not 3 different technical people, reading the same logs, environment information...
  • Symantec support can correlate multiple problems/errors, can have the same source... (As often after an upgrade).

But no WAY - I ask, I escalate, I complain about:

Symantec support refuse assigning a single contact for the same customer/installation/platform multiple problems.

Your feedbacks & point of views are welcome Smiley Happy


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we have reached out to the partner tech support team to see if we can get further clarification on the issues you have mentioned.  We hope to have an update for your shortly.
Stay tuned.


Partner Community Manager

Thanks a lot Smiley Happy I receive now the email confirming the case number, from the worker contact. But manual, not from ticketing system automation.


I saw your blog and wanted to take an opportunity to respond. 

As you've seen, Symantec Enterprise Support Services moved to a new case management system.  Unfortunately, this necessitated an adoption of a new case numbering convention.  We apologize if this caused any confusion.

We were also obligated to limit the number of migrated cases.  Migrating open cases was our top priority and we moved all open cases.  We also recognized the value of closed cases and wanted to give customers/partners as much history as possible.  We chose to migrate all cases closed in the last 30 days knowing this would impact some customers/partners more than others.  We believe the 30-day window would accommodate most customers/partners.

Finally, the “creation” screen.  This screen is a one-time registration form associated with the upgrade of our new portal.  Based on feedback received, we are improving the clarity of these instructions.  Again, this form is a one-time process which will enable your portal account, and give you direct access on future visits.  This account set up can take up to 48 hours to process and you will be notified of set up completion.

Thank you for your business.

Best regards,


Sorry, to say: Symantec Support sucks!

I open a case on 5.11.2012 and I cannot access this case on the Website and this “creation” screen are displayed with my logged in SymAccount. At the moment the Symantec Support is the most hated support in my Company